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Brocagh Community Doing Its Bit

Friday 27.03.2020
Team Talk Mag

**COVID-19 Food Bank Appeal**

Brocagh Camogie and football club are appealing to members in our community to help support our food bank in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to stock up on long shelf food items, cleaning products, baby products and toiletries so that we can provide supplies to those in need in these uncertain times. We will keep a tight record of all that is given in and distributed, making sure nothing is wasted. **PLEASE DON’T PANIC BUY**

This is for EVERYONE in our community who may need help. High risk individuals, pregnant women, frontline workers, people who are already self isolating. Again all will be kept confidential. See contact details on the poster included of people who can be contacted for help.

Where? When? How?

WHERE? Brocagh pavilion
WHEN? Each night between 7-8pm beginning tomorrow SUNDAY 22nd March.

HOW? Due to SOCIAL DISTANCING and advice from the Public Health Agency the following needs to be adhered to AT ALL TIMES.

We are asking people to drive into the football grounds and drop their goods off at the table provided which will be at the entrance of the pavilion.

Please, please, PLEASE come out and support our URGENT food bank appeal. We do not know what the next few weeks may hold but what we do know is that we, as a community, will work together to support each other ❤️

Anyone willing to help out please contact any of the following people:

Justin Croucher- 07751532375
Michael Daly- 07900363967
Peggy Dorman- 07841631133
Sean Davidson- 07583074512
Michael Hughes- 07732443789
Gary McAliskey- 07753161855
Ciaran McCloskey- 07796103641
Declan McCloskey- 07748186783
Nadine McGorrey- 07388325233
Anthony McNally- 07834553853
Mel McMahon- 07795498129
Duibhín Murphy- 07708529890
Eoin Quinn- 07522492344
Sean Quinn- 07843832935
Oliver Robinson- 07736148115



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