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ACL Div 2 Fixtures 2019

Sunday 10.03.2019
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Sunday 31st March

Aghyaran v Beragh
Clogher v Cookstown
Gortin v Galbally
Loughmacrory v Owen Roes
Moortown v Urney
Newtownstewart v Stewartstown
Pomeroy v Augher
Strabane v Greencastle

Sunday 7th April

Clogher v Aghyaran
Cookstown v Augher
Galbally v Urney
Loughmacrory v Greencastle
Newtownstewart v Pomeroy
Owen Roes v Beragh
Stewartstown v Moortown
Strabane v Gortin

Sunday 14th April

Augher v Aghyaran
Beragh v Stewartstown
Galbally v Newtownstewart
Greencastle v Gortin
Moortown v Strabane
Owen Roes v Clogher
Pomeroy v Loughmacrory
Urney v Cookstown

Saturday 20th April

Aghyaran v Moortown
Augher v Beragh
Gortin v Pomeroy
Greencastle v Clogher
Loughmacrory v Stewartstown
Newtownstewart v Urney
Owen Roes v Cookstown
Strabane v Galbally

Friday 26th April
(Reserve Sunday 28th April)
Aghyaran v Loughmacrory
Augher v Greencastle
Beragh v Newtownstewart
Clogher v Galbally
Cookstown v Stewartstown
Moortown v Owen Roes
Pomeroy v Strabane
Urney v Gortin

Sunday 19th May

Aghyaran v Owen Roes
Beragh v Urney
Galbally v Pomeroy
Greencastle v Cookstown
Loughmacrory v Augher
Moortown v Gortin
Newtownstewart v Clogher
Stewartstown v Strabane

Sunday 2nd June

Aghyaran v Gortin
Clogher v Loughmacrory
Cookstown v Moortown
Galbally v Beragh
Greencastle v Newtownstewart
Pomeroy v Urney
Stewartstown v Augher
Strabane v Owen Roes

Sunday 16th June

Augher v Newtownstewart
Clogher v Moortown
Cookstown v Loughmacrory
Galbally v Aghyaran
Gortin v Beragh
Owen Roes v Pomeroy
Stewartstown v Greencastle
Urney v Strabane

Sunday 7th July

Augher v Moortown
Beragh v Pomeroy
Clogher v Stewartstown
Cookstown v Newtownstewart
Gortin v Owen Roes
Greencastle v Urney
Loughmacrory v Galbally
Strabane v Aghyaran

Sunday 28th July

Aghyaran v Pomeroy
Clogher v Augher
Galbally v Owen Roes
Gortin v Cookstown
Moortown v Greencastle
Newtownstewart v Loughmacrory
Strabane v Beragh
Urney v Stewartstown

Sunday 11th August

Augher v Galbally
Cookstown v Strabane
Greencastle v Beragh
Loughmacrory v Moortown
Newtownstewart v Aghyaran
Owen Roes v Urney
Pomeroy v Clogher
Stewartstown v Gortin

Saturday 17th August

Aghyaran v Cookstown
Beragh v Clogher
Galbally v Moortown
Gortin v Loughmacrory
Greencastle v Owen Roes
Stewartstown v Pomeroy
Strabane v Newtownstewart
Urney v Augher

Saturday 14th September

Aghyaran v Greencastle
Augher v Gortin
Clogher v Strabane
Cookstown v Pomeroy
Moortown v Beragh
Newtownstewart v Owen Roes
Stewartstown v Galbally
Urney v Loughmacrory

Saturday 28th September

Beragh v Cookstown
Greencastle v Galbally
Loughmacrory v Strabane
Newtownstewart v Gortin
Owen Roes v Augher
Pomeroy v Moortown
Stewartstown v Aghyaran
Urney v Clogher

Saturday 12th October

Augher v Strabane
Beragh v Loughmacrory
Galbally v Cookstown
Gortin v Clogher
Moortown v Newtownstewart
Owen Roes v Stewartstown
Pomeroy v Greencastle
Urney v Aghyaran


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