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CLUB | All County League Division 2 Fixtures

Sunday 20.03.2016
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Div 2 ACL Fixtures

Round 1
Eskra v Gortin
Urney v Moortown
Aghaloo v Aghyaran
Derrytresk v Derrylaughan
Donaghmore v Cookstown
Pomeroy v Stewartstown
Moy v Loughmacrory
Brackaville v Dungannon

Round 2
Eskra v Moy
Urney v Dungannon
Cookstown v Aghaloo
Derrytresk v Pomeroy
Aghyaran v Donaghmore
Derrylaughan v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Gortin
Brackaville v Moortown

Round 3
Donaghmore v Gortin
Urney v Pomeroy
Aghaloo v Moy
Dungannon v Derrytresk
Cookstown v Eskra
Moortown v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Aghyaran
Brackaville v Derrylaughan

Round 4
Gortin v Moy
Urney v Brackaville
Aghaloo v Donaghmore
Stewartstown v Derrytresk
Derrylaughan v Pomeroy
Cookstown v Aghyaran
Moortown v Dungannon
Eskra v Loughmacrory

Round 5
Gortin v Aghyaran
Urney v Derrylaughan
Eskra v Aghaloo
Derrytresk v Moortown
Cookstown v Moy
Dungannon v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Donaghmore
Pomeroy v Brackaville

Round 6
Gortin v Dungannon
Urney v Moy
Pomeroy v Aghaloo
Donaghmore v Derrytresk
Derrylaughan v Cookstown
Stewartstown v Aghyaran
Moortown v Loughmacrory
Brackaville v Eskra

Round 7
Gortin v Moortown
Urney v Eskra
Derrylaughan v Aghaloo
Aghyaran v Derrytresk
Pomeroy v Cookstown
Donaghmore v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Dungannon
Brackaville v Moy

Round 8
Gortin v Derrylaughan
Aghyaran v Urney
Moortown v Aghaloo
Derrytresk v Eskra
Cookstown v Dungannon
Moy v Stewartstown
Pomeroy v Loughmacrory
Donaghmore v Brackaville

Round 9
Gortin v Pomeroy
Donaghmore v Urney
Dungannon v Aghaloo
Derrytresk v Moy
Moortown v Cookstown
Eskra v Stewartstown
Derrylaughan v Loughmacrory
Aghyaran v Brackaville

Round 10
Cookstown v Gortin
Stewartstown v Urney
Loughmacrory v Aghaloo
Brackaville v Derrytresk
Dungannon v Derrylaughan
Aghyaran v Moy
Moortown v Pomeroy
Donaghmore v Eskra

Starred Round 1
Gortin v Derrytresk
Aghaloo v Urney
Cookstown v Brackaville
Stewartstown v Loughmacrory
Moy v Derrylaughan
Aghyaran v Moortown
Donaghmore v Dungannon
Eskra v Pomeroy

Starred Round 2
Urney v Gortin
Brackaville v Loughmacrory
Stewartstown v Aghaloo
Derrytresk v Cookstown
Derrylaughan v Donaghmore
Pomeroy v Aghyaran
Moy v Moortown
Dungannon v Eskra

Starred Round 3
Brackaville v Gortin
Aghaloo v Derrytresk
Stewartstown v Cookstown
Loughmacrory v Urney
Derrylaughan v Aghyaran
Moortown v Eskra
Moy v Dungannon
Pomeroy v Donaghmore

Starred Round 4
Aghaloo v Gortin
Derrytresk v Urney
Loughmacrory v Cookstown
Stewartstown v Brackaville
Derrylaughan v Moortown
Aghyaran v Eskra
Dungannon v Pomeroy
Moy v Donaghmore

Starred Round 5
Gortin v Stewartstown
Cookstown v Urney
Aghaloo v Brackaville
Loughmacrory v Derrytresk
Moy v Pomeroy
Dungannon v Aghyaran
Moortown v Donaghmore
Eskra v Derrylaughan



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