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Drumragh Sarfields GAC goes GREEN with Solar Photovaltaic

Tuesday 08.04.2014
Team Talk Mag

All sectors have felt the pinch in austere times of late, none more so than those involved with voluntary organisation like the GAA. As many Clubs and Committees struggle to keep their clubs viable, KES Solar Ltd are able to offer a solution to reduce one of the most crippling of all bills -that of electricity.

Well known Tyrone club Drumragh Sarfields GAC have recently had a 20 kWp Solar PV System installed on their state of the art premises in Clanabogan which is estimated to generate over 17000 units of electricity over the next 12 months. The club will benefit from the lucrative ROC Scheme (Renewable Obligation Certificate), which is a government initiative that currently pays the owner of the system 16.96p for every unit of electricity produced. This will give the club a guaranteed income for the next 20 years. They will also be reducing the carbon footprint of their building by over 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Drumragh Sarfields GAC recently linked up with Drumquin based company KES Solar LTD to design a bespoke Solar Photovoltaic System for their club house. Solar PV works ideally on a roof that is south facing and given the orientation of their clubhouse in Clanabogan it meant that the design of this system was going to be very important. Under the guidance of KES Solar’s Technical team, a unique system was designed so as to make sure that the install on their building was going to perform at maximum efficiency.

Jim Mc Gread from Drumragh Sarfields GAC had been looking at different ways to reduce the running costs at the club and he had seen the benefits of Solar PV. After careful consideration they awarded the contract to KES Solar Ltd.

Managing Director of KES Conor Mc Crossan explains; “We realise that all clubs are keeping a close eye on finances and any way of saving money is critical for their long term future”. Conor states “Solar PV is an option that is available to all clubs and voluntary groups that want to reduce their running costs.” His ideology rings true when we balance the figures. Base rates for all electricity suppliers have shown a steady increase year on year and we can only speculate that this trend is set to continue.

There has never been a better time to install a Solar PV System: “As electricity costs rise, Solar PV system prices remain very competitive for the client. This means that we can offer a top quality install at an attractive price. The entire process is quick and stress free with Drumragh Sarfields GAC bespoke system being installed to just 3 days. We can also advise on the various grants and incentives available. We have a large portfolio of customers from the commercial, agricultural, domestic and clubs that can explain the benefits that Solar PV has brought to them.”

On Wednesday 16th April at 8pm Drumragh Sarfields GAC are going to have an open evening where they will showcase their new system. This will include a presentation on how the concept works and the benefits that follow. There will be representatives from both the club and KES Solar Ltd available on the night to answer any questions and provide information.

Solar PV has emerged as a ray of light in difficult financial times offering a way of saving on energy bills and earning a healthy income from ROCs. KES Solar are able to offer a range of finance routes to make sure at last a PV system is available to everyone.



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