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Emma Brennan Takes The Loughtec 1-15 Challenge

Monday 05.04.2021
Team Talk Mag
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1) Who or what first got you into the GAA

I would have to say my two brothers Rory and Lee as they would have had me out on the street practising and teaching me their skills with a few disagreements along the way. Magheralough Primary School would have been the other reason I got into GAA, with Brendan Donnelly being the Principal and the late Fergal McCann being the driving forces on us winning the Curley Cup. 

2) Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

There is not a specific person as such but throughout my career I have had numerous brilliant coaches within club college and county through the years who have had were all equally influential. I would have to give my parents and family a mention as they would never miss any of my games and were very supportive from a very young age.

3) Who has been your most difficult opponent and why?

Blaithin Mackin (Armagh) she is a very versatile footballer who could play anywhere on the field but from a young age she was always one player that had to be marked and I usually got the pleasure of having to do it and it was never an easy task.

 4) Apart from your home club, which club ground do you most enjoy playing on?

Killyclogher would be one of my favourite grounds to play on, it has got plenty of space with a great surface not to mention I have had a lot of great memories playing on it.

5) Most memorable or inspiring words of advice you have heard in a changing room?

Stop waiting for things to happen go out and make them happen 

6) Club Volunteer of note?

There are plenty of volunteers and hardworking people within the club that put in the long hours and making sure everything is up to scratch.

7) How is your club currently ensuring it is playing its part in the community? 

Our club have commenced work on our new hub at the pitch to create new space for all our players development as well as new developments with the new pitch.

8) Are there other sports you enjoy playing or have a keen interest in?

It was always the GAA for me.

9) Which County side, if any, look capable of defeating Dublin in the championship?

In terms of ladies, I feel that Galway would give them a run for their money as they are a fast and strong team with very talented players. For the men I would have to say Kerry as they are a great outfit.

10) How would you describe your own involvement in the Club?

At the time being I am just a player however I would love to get involved in underage coaching.

11) What rules, if any, would you like to see implemented or changed in the modern game?

In ladies’ football the “Yellow Card” rule is frustrating as you are off the field for 10mins I feel that it should be equal to the men’s game and players should be allowed to stay on.

12) If there was a transfer market in GAA, what club player in the same division as you would you like to see playing for your club and why?

Neamh Woods as she is an extremely talented footballer and is a leader both on and off the field and would be a huge addition to the team. 

13) Any superstitions or routines that you have on match days?

I do have to have the same hairstyle for nearly every match as well as the same bobble! Let us hope that bobble does not go missing.

14) Do you have a favourite training drill or one that you dread hearing the coach say is coming next?

For a favourite drill it would be 3 v 3 and finish with a score. I think everyone would agree that any running drill would be the least favourite ones.

15) Last year’s club championships were very competitive, what are your predications for the championship winners across all divisions?

Junior – Coalisland seem to be a very young fast team and they were close to the finish line last year.

Intermediate – Both Edendork and Drumragh are both good strong teams and not to mention the Junior champions the Moy.

Senior – The Ruadh have a lot of talented players and seem to always fall short so it would be nice to them Win.



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