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Ladies Results And Fixtures

Monday 29.04.2013
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Ladies Senior League
Donaghmore St Patrick’s 1-3 V Carrickmore St Colmcille’s 1-18
Killeeshil St Mary’s 0-8 V St Macartans 1-12
Aodh Ruadh 3-7 V Glenelly St Joseph’s 3-7

Ladies Intermediate League
Sperrin Óg 0-18 V Omagh St Enda’s 2-5
Cappagh 1-11 V Strabane Sigersons 2-4
Beragh Red Knights 3-13 V Dromore St Dympna’s 0-15
Loughmacrory St Teresa’s 3-2 V Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa 3-8

Ladies Junior League
Fintona Na Piarsaigh 1-4 V Aghyaran St Davogs 6-6
Moy Tír na nÓg 1-2 V Cookstown FrRocks 2-9
Kildress Wolfe Tones 3-18 V Castlederg St Eugene’s 3-5

Ladies Junior B League
Badoney Bye
Edendork St Malachy’s 5-12 V Stewartstown Harps 0-0
Rock St Patrick’s 0-8 V Coalisland Fianna 5-9
Urney St Colmcille’s 3-8 V Owen Roe O’Neill’s 1-5

Ladies U18 Grade 1 Championship Semi Finals
Glenelly St Joseph’s 4-6 V Carrickmore St Colmcille’s 8-7
St Macartans 2-10 V Sperrin Óg 3-12

Ladies Under 18 Grade 2 Championship Semi Finals
Errigal Ciaran 3-14 V Cookstown FrRocks 4-5
Clann na Gael 2-9 V Omagh St Enda’s 3-13

Ladies Under 18 Grade 3 Championship Quarter Final Replay
Fintona Na Piarsaigh 4-8 V Edendork St Malachy’s 2-12

Ladies Under 18 Grade 4 Championship Semi Finals
Kildress Wolfe Tones 4-15 V Urney St Colmcille’s 4-7
Badoney 4-9 V Trillick St Macartan’s 5-5

Ladies U14 League Grade 1
Killeeshil St Mary’s 7-9 V Sperrin Óg 3-9
Castlederg St Eugene’s 4-5 V Carrickmore St Colmcille’s 5-3

Ladies Under 14 League Grade 3
Trillick St Macartan’s 1-3 V Edendork St Malachy’s 5-5
Rock St Patrick’s 1-0 V Drumragh Sarsfields 7-9
Cappagh 17-12 V Omagh St Enda’s 0-1

Ladies Under 14 League Grade 4
Stewartstown Harps 2-3 V Urney St Colmcille’s 1-8
Moortown St Malachy’s 2-2 V Strabane Sigersons 7-8
Pomeroy Plunketts 1-3 V Loughmacrory St Teresa’s 3-13
Coalisland Fianna 10-11 V Aghaloo O’Neill’s 3-0

29-04-2013 (Mon)
Ladies U14 League Grade 1- 7pm
Errigal Ciaran V St Macartans

Ladies Under 14 League Grade 2 – 7.15pm
Galbally Pearses V Aghyaran St Davogs
Cookstown FrRocks V Dromore St Dympna’s

Ladies Under 18 Grade 3 Championship Semi Finals – 7pm
Extra Time if Required
Clonoe O’Rahilly’s V Moy Tír na nÓg
Fintona Na Piarsaigh V Coalisland Fianna

Ladies Under 18 Grade 4 Championship Final 7pm Venue TBC
Kildress Wolfe Tones V Badoney

30-04-2013 (Tue) 7pm Venue TBC
Ladies U18 Grade 1 Championship Final
Carrickmore St Colmcille’s V Sperrin Óg

30-04-2013 (Tues) 6.30pm
Ladies Under 14 League Grade 2
Donaghmore St Patrick’s V Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa

30-04-2013 (Tue) 7.30pm
Ladies Senior League
Clann na Gael V Errigal Ciaran
Ladies Junior League
Drumragh Sarsfields V Kildress Wolfe Tones

01-05-2013 (Wed) 7pm
Ladies Under 12 Go Games Group 2
Omagh St Enda’s V Sperrin Óg

02-05-2013 (Thu) 7pm
Ladies Under 14 League Grade 3
Badoney V Clonoe O’Rahilly’s

02-05-2013 (Thu) 7pm
Ladies Under 12 Go Games Group 1
Galbally Pearses V Beragh Red Knights
Moortown St Malachy’s V Stewartstown Harps
Tattyreagh St Patrick’s V Aghaloo O’Neill’s
Loughmacrory St Teresa’s V BYE
Ladies Under 12 Go Games Group 2
Dromore St Dympna’s V BYE
Trillick St Macartan’s V Aghyaran St Davogs
Castlederg St Eugene’s V Cappagh
Ladies Under 12 Go Games Group 3
Newtownstewart St Eugene’s V BYE
Urney St Colmcille’s V Badoney
Owen Roe O’Neill’s V Strabane Sigersons
Drumragh Sarsfields V Glenelly St Joseph’s
Ladies Under 12 Go Games Group 4
Edendork St Malachy’s V BYE
Pomeroy Plunketts V Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa
Moy Tír na nÓg V Kildress Wolfe Tones
Donaghmore St Patrick’s V Clonoe O’Rahilly’s
Ladies Under 12 Go Games Group 5
Errigal Ciaran V BYE
St Macartans V Aodh Ruadh
Killeeshil St Mary’s V Rock St Patrick’s
Cookstown FrRocks V Carrickmore St Colmcille’s

03-05-2013 (Fri) 7.15pm
Ladies Intermediate League
Omagh St Enda’s V Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa

04-05-2013 (Sat) 10.30am U10 Blitz’s
In Ardboe – Ardboe, Moortown, Stewartstown, Clonoe, Moy, Edendork
In Donaghmore – Donaghmore, Galbally, Aodh Ruadh, Cill Iseal, Beragh, Aghaloo, Pomeroy
In Dunmoyle – Errigal Ciaran, St Macartans, Cappagh, Fintona, An Charraig Mhor, St Endas
In Kildress – Kildress, Loughmacrory, Rock, Sperrin Og, Fr Rocks, Badoney
In Drumragh – Drumragh, Trillick, St Dypmnas, Sigersons, Glenelly, Newtownstewart, Tattyreagh, Mna na Deirge

04-05-2013 (Sat) 7pm
Ladies Junior League
Galbally Pearses V Aghyaran St Davogs
Ladies Junior B League
Urney St Colmcille’s V BYE
Rock St Patrick’s V Stewartstown Harps
Owen Roe O’Neill’s V Coalisland Fianna
Badoney V Edendork St Malachy’s – 6pm

05-05-2013 (Sun) 7pm
Ladies Intermediate League
Strabane Sigersons V Loughmacrory St Teresa’s

06-05-2013 (Mon) 7pm
Lasies Senior League
Glenelly St Joseph’s V Errigal Ciaran
Killeeshil St Mary’s V Carrickmore St Colmcille’s
Clann na Gael V Donaghmore St Patrick’s
Ladies Intermediate League
Beragh Red Knights V Sperrin Óg
Dromore St Dympna’s V Cappagh
Ladies Junior League
Moy Tír na nÓg V Castlederg St Eugene’s
Fintona Na Piarsaigh V Pomeroy Plunketts
Cookstown FrRocks V BYE



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