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Launch of A5 Enough Is Enough Campaign

Thursday 12.01.2023
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A5 Enough is Enough

Public Launch of the A5 Enough is Enough Campaign


Title : A5 Enough is Enough Campaign Launch
Venue : Tyrone GAA Centre in Garvaghey
Date : Monday 23rd January 2023

Time : 7:30pm Sharp

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Contributors to the Event

MC – Eileen Dunne (Formally RTE News)

Family Members of Victims of the A5
A5 Group – A5 Enough is Enough Spokesperson
Kevin Hughes – Tyrone GAA (Lost two relatives to two separate RTA’s)


New Group

The ‘A5 Enough is Enough’ group was set up by the Tyrone GAA County Committee in November 2022.  The group was formed in the aftermath of the untimely passing of John Rafferty from Killyclogher.  John was just 21 years old when he died as a result of a two vehicle collision on the Curr Road section of the A5 on 27th October 2022.


John was the 8th victim of a Road Traffic Accident on the A5 since Christmas 2021.  Three young GAA members Petey McNamee, Nathan Corrigan and Peter Finnegan passed away just 150 yards from the entrance to the Tyrone GAA Centre at Garvaghey.


The A5 Enough is Enough group have four aims…

To support the actions required to bring about an end to a process that is now fifteen and a half years long.
To positively promote the need to begin work on the new A5 as soon as possible.
In the meantime, to seek immediate mitigating road improvements that might start saving lives now.
To share road safety messaging and educate people on the danger of driving on this road.





Key Dates and the Cost of Delays


The process to construct a new A5 Dual Carriageway known as the AS Western Transport Corridor began on 17th July 2007 when the NI Executive agreed to proceed with the plan.  Within four months consultants were appointed and work began on selecting the preferred route.  

A series of options were released to the public in February 2009 and the preferred route was announced in July of that same year.  


In the interim period 9 people lost their lives on the A5.

Following the preparation of planning and legal papers pre-orders exhibition and draft statutory orders were published in November 2010 and a series of public enquiries held in between May and July 2011.

In the interim period 6 more people lost their lives on the A5.

November 2011 the Irish Government withdrew their funding offer for the new road.


14th February 2012 a decision was taken to proceed with Derry to Strabane and Omagh and Ballygawley sections of the new road.  


In the interim period 1 more person lost their life on the A5.


September 2012 a legal challenge was received, and the scheme put on hold.


April 2013 a legal decision is delivered by a Judge not to proceed with scheme.

Between April 2014 and April 2016, a series of public consultations on bog habitats, environmental statement are published and the revised Summary of Environmental Statement are published.

In the interim period 9 more people lost their lives on the A5.

August 2016 a legal challenge is received in the form of an application for a judicial review and the public inquiry begins in October of that year.


November 2016 the legal challenge is rejected by judge.  

In the interim period 2 more people lost their lives on the A5.


November 2017 the scheme is given go ahead by DFI, and public inquiry report published.  


December 2017 a third legal challenge received and a year later in December2018 a Judge quashes decision to proceed with scheme.


February 2020 a third public inquiry began and was later adjourned.


In the interim period to 3rd January 2023 another 17 people have lost their lives on the A5.


Enough is Enough


The A5 stretches across almost half of county Tyrone and since the decision was reached in July 2007 some 44 people have lost their lives on some stretch of this road.  Not a single yard of tarmac has been laid on the new A5 road.

The A8 road scheme between Belfast and Larne started in May 2008 and was completed in December 2016.  That was 7 years, 6 months and 25 days from beginning to end.  

If the A5 had been delivered in a similar timeframe 22 of the A5 deaths might well have been avoided.  At the current rate at least another 4 deaths will occur on the A5 in 2023.


Enough is Enough!


Today, Monday 23rd January 2023 marks, five thousand, six hundred and sixty-nine days since the new A5 received the go ahead from the NI Executive.

Enough is Enough!

15 years, six months and six days later and not a single yard of tarmac.


Enough is Enough!


No more deaths on our doorstep.  44 lives.  44 lives later.


Enough is Enough!




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