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Donnelly the Star as Aghaloo Claim Grade 3 Minor Crown

Saturday 27.10.2012
Team Talk Mag

Tiarnan Donnelly slots his second point of the second half. He finishes the game with a remarkable 1-12. Mark Henry gets a consolation point for Clann na nGael. Final Score in the O’Neill Grade 3 Minor Championship Final – Aghaloo 3-17 Clann na nGael 3-5

55 min – Clann na nGael GOAL! Conor Harkin bags a three pointer for the Clann’s who have fought back gamely. It looks like it won’t be enough today though. That’s five goals since half time.

53 min – Aghaloo GOAL! Brilliant goal from Ruairi McGlone makes it Aghaloo 3-16 Clann na nGael 2-4

51 min – Clann na nGael GOAL! Ryan Devine goals after an excellent piece of play and pass from Mark Henry Aghaloo 2-16 Clann na nGael 2-4

49 min – Padraig McGeary makes it Aghaloo 2-16 Clann na nGael 1-4

47 min – Gary O’Gorman fires over another Aghaloo point.

42 min – Tiarnan Donnelly extends Aghaloo’s lead with a point. Only one point for Donnelly so far in the second half.

39 min – Aghaloo GOAL! Perfect response for Aghaloo. Ruairi McGlone, Kyle Thompson and Sean Cullen combine as Cullen finds the Clann net. Aghaloo 2-13 Clann na nGael 1-4

38 min – Clann na nGael GOAL! Is there hope of a come back? Ronan Devine has slotted a wonderful goal to the bottom corner of the Aghaloo net. Aghaloo 1-13 Clann na nGael 1-4

Back up and running in Carrickmore and Ronan Devine opens the scoring for Clann na nGael with a point. Lee Philips adds a second point from play for the Clanns. Aghaloo 1-13 Clann na nGael 0-4

30 min – Tiarnan Donnelly brings his personal first half tally to 1-10 as Aghaloo take a 1-13 to 0-2 lead into the break against Clann na nGael. They’ll be playing into the wind in the second half.

29 min – Conor Mullan opens his account for Aghaloo with a point from play.

28 min – Ronan Devine gets Clann na nGael’s first point from play. Aghaloo 1-11 Clann na nGael 0-2

25 min – Ruairi McGlone fires over Aghaloo’s 11th point. Aghaloo 1-11 Clann na nGael 0-1

24 min – Tiarnan Donnelly is the man this afternoon for Aghaloo. Another three quick fire points from play for the man wearing number 11. That’s him up to 1-8.

20 min – Clann na nGael finally open their scoring in the 20th minute through a free from Ronan Devine.

18 min – It’s the Tiarnan Donnelly show at the minute. He’s scored 1-5 for Aghaloo in 18 minutes. Three more points for the Aghaloo man in the 15th, 17th and 18th minute. Aghaloo 1-7 Clann na nGael 0-0

12 min – Kyle Thompson gets on the scoreboard for Aghaloo. They are in complete control of the game. Aghaloo 1-4 Clann na nGael 0-0

8 min – Aghaloo GOAL! It’s that man Donnelly again. This time he cooly slots a penalty home. Aghaloo 1-3 Clann na nGael 0-0

7 min – Tiarnan Donnelly fires over his second point of the afternoon. Aghaloo 0-3 Clann na nGael 0-0

5 min – Ruairi McGlone slots a second point for Aghaloo.

2 min – Tiarnan Donnelly opens the scoring for Aghaloo with a point. Aghaloo playing with a strong breeze at their backs.

We were all set up and ready to go in Carrickmore with LIVE commentary and discovered that there is a broadband fault at the exchange. LIVE updates will follow though.



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