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Eire Og Retain County Senior Hurling Title

Sunday 11.09.2011
Team Talk Mag

A point from play from Ciaran Slane and two further points from the stick of Justin Kelly and it is mission accomplished for Eire Og as they win 3-11 to 0-7, a very impressive display from them and worthy county champions. Commiserations to Naomh Colm Cille on a gallant effort but Eire Og’s greater quality and experience ensured the title stayed in Carrickmore.

Sean Og Grogan with another score for Eire Og 3-8 to 0-7 in their favour and it is now time to run the bench as both sides make changes knowing that Eire Og will be lifting The Benburb Cup for the 21st time.

GOAL ! Eire Og goal from Paul Hughes.  Eire Og 3-7 NCC 0-6

Huges long range point from play for Justin Kelly.

Justin Kelly free.  Over the bar.  Eire Og now in complete control.  EO 2-7 NCC 0-6

Aidan Kelly opens the scoring in the second half with two points to extend the Eire Og lead.

Half time in Killyclogher – Eire Og 2-4 Naomh Colum Cille 0-6

Aidan Taggart adds a point from play and Mike O’Gorman slots a long range free for Naomh Colum Cille.  EO 2-4 NCC 0-6

21 mins gone. Two more points from play for Paul Hughes and Justin Kelly.  EO 2-4 NCC 0-4

GOAL ! Eire Og goal for Justin Kelly from his boot.  Eire Og now back in control. EO 2-2 NCC 0-4

Seamus Hagan scores a second free.  The complete full forward line has scored for Naomh Colum Cille.  EO 1-2 NCC 0-4

Rory O’Neill sends over a long range point to keep Naomh Colum Cille in touch.  EO 1-2 NCC 0-3

Conor Grogan now has 1-2, as he clips over a second point from play.  EO 1-2 NCC 0-2

Full forward Aidan Taggart reduces the lead to two points with a nice point from play.  EO 1-1 NCC 0-2

Seamus Hagan opens Naomh Colum Cilles account from a free but Eire Og are back on top quickly as Conor Grogan latches on to a long ball into the forward line and slams the ball to the net.  EO 1-1 NCC 0-1

Conor Grogan opens the scoring from play.  EO 0-1 NCC 0-0

We’re up and running and it’s Eire Og playing against a stiff breeze into the training pitch end in the first half.

Big, big crowd gathered in the stand in Killyclogher for this Tyrone Senior Hurling Championship final.  This novel pairing has brought in an excellent attendance.


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