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Power NI 2011 Intermediate Champions: Kildress

Sunday 16.10.2011
Team Talk Mag

The final whistle has sounded and that is the final score after what was a great second half from both teams. Goals win matches and Damien Kelly’s certainly had a huge bearing on this one but there can be little doubt that the sending off of Terry Donnelly affected Galbally’s chances but Kildress were not to be denied as they return to senior football for 2012 as Intermediate Champions.

Fran Loughran is still at the centre of all the good football Kildress are playing as they push forward and points from Conor Mc Aleer and Niall Quinn puts Kildress five points ahead 1-14 to 1-09 and it looks like Kildress will shortly be crowned Power NI Intermediate champions for 2011.

Several changes on both teams the most significant seeing Martin Grimes return to the action for Kildress but the play is stopped now as corner back Fergal Mc Garrity is taken off.

It is that man again Frank Mc Gurk with his sixth score of the day and Kildress move three points ahead with the clock reading thirty minutes on the clock. It needs something special from Galbally as we enter the three additional minutes.

Kieran Mc Crory punches one towards the goals and Mark Tracey makes a very good stop to ensure that his side maintain their two point lead.

A fine score from frank Mc Gurk as he hits his fifth point of the day puts two between the sides Kildress now lead 1-11 to 1-09 and three minutes remain.

Ryan Mc Gurk closes it to a point with a fine left footed score and there is now five minutes left in this very evenly contested game.

Paul Rafferty gives his side hope with a fine individual score and the gap is down two points with seven minutes left.

Ryan Mc Gurk replaces Eamon Mc Elroy on the Glbally side as Kildress move through the gears. They are looking very sharp now having hit 1-03 in the space of four minutes.

It just gets better and better for Kildress as Damien Kelly gets on the end of a fine move to plant the ball in the net and put his side 1-10 to 1-07 ahead with ten minutes to go.

Thirteen minutes to go and Michael Crawley’s shot is tipped over the bar by Michael Corr in the Galbally goals and the gap is now one point and almost immediately Frank Mc Gurk equalises for Kildress.

A chance of a goal for Kildress but Michael Corr in the Galbally goals spots the danger and saves the day however Des Treacy wins and converts a free and the gap is now two points as we enter the final quarter of the game. Galbally 1-07, Kildress 0-08 and Fran Loughran receives a yellow card.

Eamon Mc Elroy is wide with a long range effort and changes on both sides as Patrick Rafferty is replaced by Damien Mc Crory and Martin Grimes is replaced by Phillip loughran.

Great defensive work from Galbally as they repel Kildress forays and still three points between the sides with ten minutes gone so far in the second half.

Good response from Kildress as Fran Loughran shoots and his effort just sails over the bar. Martin Loughran adds another point for Kildress as the second half really ignites. 1-07 to 0-07 in favour of Galbally with 6 minutes gone in this second half..

What a start to the second half as Micky Murphy catches turns and shoots low with his left foot and Galbally now lead 1-07 to 0-05 with five  minutes gone.

Declan Murphy gets his first point of the game and what a point it is as Galbally now lead 0-06 to 0-05 and they win a free from the 13 metre line and have the opportunity to go two ahead and Paul Rafferty puts his team 0-07 to 0-05 ahead with 4 minutes played.

Martin Loughran on for Matthew Heagney for Kildress for the second half.

Referee and his team of officials are back on the pitch. It is now bright sunshine but the wind seems to have picked up and it is Kildress who will play into the breeze for the second thirty minutes. Galbally will have to reorganise as they must play the second half with fourteen men.

One minute of additional time as the clock ticks ticks towards half time and Kildress get the equalising point from Damien Kelly and it is 0-05 apiece as the half time whistle sounds.

Damien Kelly is fouled which leads to a second yellow card for Terry Donnelly and Galbally are down to fourteen men which is a huge blow to Galbally. Des Tracey knocks the free over the bar and the gap is now one.

A quick free from Frank Mc Gurk finds Martin Grimes but his shot comes off the post and breaks to Conor Mc Aleer who is fouled. Frank Mc Gurk converts the free and the gap is now two points.

25 minutes gone and it getting very competitive but thus far Galbally are on top but they are not translating their supremacy into scores.

Matthew Heagney has a shot but it is just wide on the right as Galbally continue to look the side most likely to succeed at this stage.

Paul Mc Gurk comes in for Aidan O’Connor in the middle of the field for Kildress and Galbally have a free with Paul Rafferty very accurate from almost 50 metres to open a three point lead 0-05 to 0-02 to Galbally. 21 minutes now on the clock.

18 minutes gone and Galbally are awarded a free which will be taken by Paul Rafferty whose right footed shot is good and Galbally now lead by two 0-04 to 0-02.

A poor clearance from Martin Brannigan is intercepted but missed as Martin Grimes shoots but is left of the posts and the score remains three to two in favour of Galbally.

Damien Kelly picks up a break ball and drives forward but his high speculative shot just misses the target and the sun returns as the rain ceases. Micky Murphy puts Galbally ahead 15 minutes in with a fine left footed strike from twenty metres.

12 minutes gone and much of the play is condensed in the middle third but Galbally are awarded a free out following a rare foray into the attack from Kildress.

The rain continues to pour down and the large crowd have sought shelter in the stand at Healy Park as Kildress win a free thirty metres out with 9 minutes on the clock. Des Treacy is wide with this one.

It is end to end and Patrick Rafferty sends over a fine right footed score to bring the sides level again and almost immediately Galbally have the chance of a goal but Declan Murphy is well tackled and the chance is lost.

Frank Mc Gurk gets his second point after being well found by Fran Loughran and with almost 5 minutes gone it is 0-02 to 0-01 in favour of Kildress.

The rain is making the surface very slippy and it helps Declan Murphy win his first free of the day and Micky Murphy brings the sides level after three and a half minutes K0-01, G0-01,

Twenty seconds gone and Frank Mc Gurk scores the first score of the day with a fine left footed point. K 0-01 G 0-00

Late change to the Kildress team as Martin Grimes will replace Paul Mc Gurk but he goes to full forward.

With just over five minutes until the throw in the clouds darken and there is the real possibility of rain today. Both teams are going through their final warm up routines as the team captains come to the middle for the toss.

Kildress: Mark Tracey, Niall Quinn, Dean Mc Nally, Phillip Mc Kenna,Michael Crawley, Fran Loughran, Peter Hagan, Aidan O’Connor, Paul Mc Gurk, Connor Mc Aleer, Dessie Tracey ( captain) Matthew Heagney, Frank Mc Gurk, Damian Kelly, Shane Kelly.

The crowd has left the pitch and Derrytresk troop off with the cup. There will be great celebrations tonight in the club. Meanwhile Galbally and Kildress go through their last minute preparations before they take to the field. Galbally line out as follows.: Michael Corr, Aidan Mc Cann Terry Donnelly, Fergal Mc Garrity, Blaine Nugent, Martin Brannigan, Aidan Carberry, Michael Murphy (captain) Ciaran Tally, Patrick Rafferty, Eamon Mc Elroy, Kieran Mc Crory, Paul Rafferty, Aidan O’Hagan, Declan Murphy.

A real championship battle in the truest sense of the words.  Galbally in search of their first ever Intermediate Championship title.  Kildress looking for their second.  Going by the view of our panel of experts earlier in the week this one is going to go down to the wire.  Join us live from 3.30pm to follow every bit of the action as and when it happens.



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