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LIVE Updates from Clones

Saturday 25.06.2011
Team Talk Mag

Tyrone v Donegal – Ulster Senior Football Championship Semi Final

5.28pm – Game Over!  Qualifiers for Tyrone.  The Ulster Final Tyrone / Armagh dynasty has come to an end.

73 min – Donegal GOAL – Dermot Molloy rams home what looks like a certain winner.  Tyr 0-9 Don 2-6

71 min – Level ! Martin Penrose fire over from 25 metres.  Tyr 0-9 Don 1-6

69 min – Brian Dooher is replaced by Colm Cavanagh shortly after Ricey kicks wide.

67 min – Peter Harte kicks a 20 m free into the keepers hands.  Tyrone under serious pressure now.

61 min – Hub picks up a second yellow.  Tyrone reduced to 14 men.  Aidan Cassidy comes on for Stephen O’Neill and Tommy replaces Brian McGuigan.

59 min – Peter Harte floats another free just wide.  The noise levels are increasing.  Hub picks up a yellow.

57 min – Donegal GOAL, Colm McFadden puts Donegal in front.  The intensity is upped.  Tyr 0-8 Don 1-6

52 min – Wonderful Stephen O’Neill point.  Beats two attempted tackles and fires over from 30m.  Tyr 0-8 Don 0-6

50 min – Donegal reduce the lead to one again, thanks to a Michael Murphy free from the 13m line.

48 min – All is pretty quiet in Clones at the moment.  Joe was fouled at full back and is receiving attention.  Looks like Justin is coming on to replace him.

41 min – Another Tyrone wide.  This time it’s Peter Harte from a free.  That’s number seven for Tyrone.

39 min – Peter Harte slots a free of the ground from 45m.  Tyr 0-7 Don 0-5

37 min – Michael Murphy opens the scoring for Donegal.  Only a point between them now. Tyr 0-6 Don 0-5

4.48pm Second half begins

34 min – Goal chance for Tyrone.  Stephen O’Neill is blocked inside the box.  Donegal attack and Kevin Cassidy fires over from 40m.  Half Time Tyrone 0-6 Donegal 0-4

33 min – Colm McFadden reduces the lead to three from a free.  Tyr 0-6 Don 0-3

30 min – Kevin Rafferty gets a point for Donegal.  It’s only their third shot on goal.  Tyr 0-6 Don 0-2

25 min – Stephen O’Neill intercepts a Donegal ball out of defence and fires Tyrone five ahead.  Tyr 0-6 Don 0-1

22 min – Sean Cavanagh ends the barron spell with a lovely point from way out on the right wing.  Tyr 0-5 Don 0-1

20 min – Sean Cavanagh kicks Tyrone’s 5th wide.  Plenty of possession.  Just not converting it at the minute.  Brian Dooher leaves the field for a blood injury.

18 min – Tyrone soaking up most of the Donegal attacks quite easily.  They look to be back in control.

14 min – Paddy McBrearty point from play as Donegal begin to come into the game a little bit more. Tyr 0-4 Don 0-1

11 min – Brian Dooher curls over a beautiful right footed effort after receiving a free from Sean Cavanagh – Tyr 0-4 Don 0-0

8 min – Monster point from Philip Jordan after some excellent build up play by Donnelly and Mulligan.  Tyr 0-3 Don 0-0

5 min – Tyrone go two up.  Free from Cavanagh after he was pulled down on route to goal.  Rory Kavanagh yellow card.

4 min – Tyrone record only another two widesw.  Bright start from the Red Hands though.

1 min – Owen Mulligan opens the scoring with a right footed point.  Tyr 0-1 Don 0-0

3.53pm The teams line out.  Michael Murphy slots in at left half forward on Jordan.

3.48pm Parade begins.  Donegal definitely tog out much bigger than Tyrone.  The ground is about just over half full.

Donegal have made one late change Frank McGlynn for Marty Boyle

Just after 3.36pm and Donegal take to the field.  Warm, dry and blustery today in Clones.

Starting team confirmed – P McConnell, M Swift, Joe McMahon, R McMenamin, D Harte, C Gormley, P Jordan, K Hughes, S Cavanagh, B Dooher, B McGuigan, P Harte, O Mulligan, S O’Neill, M Donnelly

Rumours flying around the press box that Owen Mulligan will start in place of Martin Penrose.

Tyrone v Donegal – Ulster U21 Hurling Shield Final

Donegal will have the wind in their favour in the second half as they seek to close the eight point gap. A Matthewson free after 3 minutes closes the gap to seven. Five minutes gone and Mc Veigh  lands a free from 20 metres for Donegal but almost immediately Conor Grogan scores a fine goal for Tyrone to lead 2-11 to 1-6.

Matthewson free on 7 minutes for Donegal. 2-11 to 1-7

11 minutes and a Matthewson free hits the net to and the score now reads 2-11 to 2-6 for Tyrone

15 minutes in Mark Devine extends Tyrone’s lead with a fine score Tyrone 2-12, Donegal 2-6.

Donegal reply with a free from midfield and Tyrone now lead by five.

Twelve minutes plus injury time remaining. Can Tyrone hold on or will Donegal stage a late smash and grab again?

Another Donegal point and the gap is now four as we enter the last ten minutes.

Matthewson goal and a Conor Grogan point leaves the score Tyrone 2-13, Donegal 3-08.

Chambers point for Donegal and the gap is now a single point.

five minutes plus injury time remain.

Matthewson ties the game on twenty nine minutes.

Tommy Lowe restores Tyrone’s lead with a fine score.

Sides level again with another free from Matthewson.

Game finishes all square 2-14 to 3-11 and extra time is required.

The senior football game will now start at 3.55pm

Two minutes to go in the first half of extra time.  Tyrone and Donegal still locked together. 2-16 to 3-13

Half time in extra time – Tyrone 2-17 Donegal 3-14.  Looks like a replay is on the cards.

GOAL Devine goals for Tyrone as the Red Hands sneak in front – 3-17 to 3-15

Damian Casey extends the lead with a free.

Donegal goal.  Ciaran Matthewson rams home a 20m free and then puts Donegal in front with a free as the game enters injury time.

Match over Donegal win 4-16 to 3-18.  A case of winning the game and then throwing it away for the Red Hands.  Final Score Tyrone 3-18 Donegal 4-16



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