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LIVE Updates from Tyrone v Roscommon

Saturday 30.07.2011
Team Talk Mag

Full Time Tyrone 3-19 Roscommon 1-14.  Big, big result for Tyrone.  3-14 from play.  It’s time for the boys in blue!!

70 min – Tyrone GOAL!! Brian McGuigan finds Peter Harte who plays a great ball to Mark Donnelly.  Bottom corner.  Stephen O’Neill is coming on.  Tyr 3-19 Ros 1-14

68 min – Tyrone GOAL!! No mistake this time.  Sean Cavanagh runs clear and converts to the bottom corner.  Tyr 2-19 Ros 1-14

67 min – Sean Cavanagh hits the post when a goal looked almost certain.

65 min – John Rogers reduces the Tyrone lead with a free.  Tyr 1-19 Ros 1-14

64 min – Colm Cavanagh fouled by the keeper outside the box.  Peter Harte chips over the free.  Tyr 1-19 Ros 1-13

63 min – Hub finds Conor Gormley who takes a point when the goal looked on.  Tyr 1-18 Ros 1-13

60 min – Free from Peter Harte.  Lands it from 44 metres.  Tyrone are four clear.  Tyr 1-17 Ros 1-13

59 min – Enda McGinley comes on for Sean Cavanagh.  Another blood sub.

57 min – Colm Cavanagh heads off on another run and fists over from outside the 13 metre line.  Tyr 1-16 Ros 1-13

55 min – The game has entered a bit of a lull.  Seven minutes since the last shot on goal.  Cathal McCarron on for a blood subbed Marty Swift.

51 min – Roscommon pick up a yellow card after Conor Gormley is fouled.  Some time to take a break and get ready for the last twenty minutes.

Justin McMahon comes on for Ricey.

48 min – Kilbride converts a free from 20 metres after Brian Dooher gives away a free.  Tyr 1-15 Ros 1-13

47 min – Karol Mannion swings over another left footed effort from 35 metres.  Tyr 1-15 Ros 1-12

46 min – Donie Shine converts a free from near the sideline.  Lead back down to four.  Tyr 1-15 Ros 1-11

44 min – Darren McDermot point but Owen Mulligan opens his account seconds later.  Tyr 1-15 Ros 1-10

43 min – Slow, methodical build up leads to a Sean O’Neill point.  Tyr 1-14 Ros 1-9

43 min – Peter Harte kicks a 45 after Owen Mulligan sees his shot deflected out.  Tyr 1-13 Ros 1-9

40 min – Philip Jordan makes it three after a fine run.  Tyr 1-12 Ros 1-9

39 min – Mark Donnelly wins a breaking ball from Owen Mulligan and taps it over. Tyrone now two up.  Tyr 1-11 Ros 1-9

37 min – Brian McGuigan combines with Mark Donnelly and McGuigan fires over.  Tyr 1-10 Ros 1-9

36 min – Karol Mannion swings over Roscommon’s first point of the second half.  Tyr 1-9 Ros 1-9

Ricey leads out Tyrone.  Brian Dooher and Owen Mulligan on for Tommy McGuigan and Kyle Coney.  Game on.

Roscommon just out on the field.  Tyrone taking a little longer to emerge from the tunnel.

Half Time Score Tyrone 1-9 Roscommon 1-8

38 min – Sean Cavanagh kicks the final score of the half.  That’s 1-3 from him in the first 35 minutes.

34 min – Colm Cavanagh put Tyrone in front with a fisted point but it is cancelled ut almost immediately with a Kilbride fisted point.  Tyr 1-8 Ros 1-8

32 min – Hub upended at the 20 metre line.  Peter Harte converts the free.  Tyrone level.  It didn’t look too likely a few minutes ago.  Tyr 1-7 Ros 1-7

29 min – Tyrone GOAL!!  Sean Cavanagh collects the ball 40 yards out leaves everyone for dead and finds the bottom corner.  Tyr 1-6 Ros 1-7

27 min – GOAL. Pascal McConnell punches the ball straight to Karol Mannion who rams it home.  Tyr 0-6 Ros 1-7

25 min – Roscommon free at the edge of the D.  Shine puts it wide.

23 min – Roscommon take the lead.   Senin Kilbride once again from play.  Five or six Roscommon passes cutting through the Tyrone defence.  Tyr 0-6 Ros 0-7

22 min – Darren McDermot steals inside and levels the scores again.  This is going to be tight.  Tyr 0-6 Ros 0-6

21 min – Philip Jordan fouled.  Sean Cavanagh raises another white flag.  Tyrone’s first from a free.  Tyr 0-6 Ros 0-5

17 min – Kyle Coney swings over a lovely point on the right foot after Sean Cavanagh makes ground.  Tyr 0-5 Ros 0-5

14 min – Shine again adds another. This time from play.  Tyr 0-4 Ros 0-5

13 min – Donie Shine converts the first free from 45 metres.

10 min – Roscommon respond through Senan Kilbride but Brian McGuigan restores the Tyrone lead with a neat point on the left foot.  Tyr 0-4 Ros 0-3

8 min – Kevin Hughes kick levels the score from the 20 metre line.  Seconds later Kyle Coney receives a pass from Tommy McGuigan and scores.   Tommy has now been involved in the first three scores.  Tyr 0-3 Ros 0-2

7 min – Donie Shine wins a ball at the edge of the D and puts Roscommon in front.  Tyr 0-1 Ros 0-2

6 min – Cathal Cregg beats Ricey to the ball and kicks a point from a difficult angle.  Tyr 0-1 Ros 0-1

4 min – Sean Cavanagh opens the scoring with a right footed effort from 25 metres. Tyr 0-1 Ros 0-0

2 min – Hub kicks the first wide.  Should have been a score.

Game on.  Tyrone playing out of the Hill 16 end in the first half.

Just a few minutes away from the start.  Stevie and Aidan went through a stiff warm up and look ok.

As you would expect the pitch is in perfect condition with little or no breeze around.  Match due to start at 4.15pm because of the extra time in the minor game.

Stephen O’Neill is togged out wearing number 30.  Good news for Tyrone.  Aidan Cassidy is also togged out.

We were in place at Croke Park.  Armagh have just lost out by a single point in the minor match.  Tyrone remain unchanged for the senior match.  That’s the word in the press box.

With the match not being shown live on TV Tyrone fans all over the world can keep up to date with LIVE updates from Croke Park as the action happens.  We’ll be in place at 3.30pm to bring you all the latest team news.


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