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Ulster Collect 30th Railway Cup

Sunday 26.02.2012
Team Talk Mag

Ulster are the Railway Cup Champions for 2012- Peter Harte had a wonderful second half.  Great win for Ulster.  Final Score 3-11 Munster 1-15

GOAL – Neill McGee.  The Ulster full back hangs it up in the top corner.  Wonderful Peter Harte pass.  Ulster 3-11 Munster 1-15

Four minutes to go.  Ulster a point down.  Great game of football.

Darren Hughes reduces the lead to a point after a lovely pass from Mark Poland.  Ulster 2-11 Munster 1-15

61st minute. Goal chance for Martin Penrose but Quirke turns it around the post.  Darren Hughes kicks the 45.   Ulster 2-10 Munster 1-15

Rory Donnelly GOALS for Munster.  Was it heading wide?  Karl Lacey got the final touch.  Ulster 2-9 Munster 1-15

GOAL – Peter Harte.   Ulster 2-9 Munster 0-15.  Peter slots it past Alan Quirke after another excellent pass from Benny Coulter.

David Tubridy kicks his 8th point of the afternoon.  Munster now three clear.

Mulligan point from a free after 53 minutes.  Ulster 1-9 Munster 0-14

Paul Kerrigan thumps over another long range point.  Ulster have only scored once in this half so far.  Ulster 1-8 Munster 0-14

Tubridy now two in front after 45 minutes.  Tubridy thumps over another free off the ground from just outside the 45. Ulster 1-8 Munster 0-13

Munster back in front.  Gary Hurney from Waterford turns Neil McGee and kick the point.  Ulster 1-8 Munster 0-12

They’re level again after 43 minutes.  Paul Kerrigan from play right in front of the goal.  Ulster 1-8 Munster 0-11

Martin Penrose puts Ulster back in front with a score from out on the right.  Ulster 1-8 Munster 0-10

Up and going in the second half an it’ s level again.  David Tubridy fires over his 6th point from a 45 this time.  Ulster 1-7 Munster 0-10

Half time in the Morgan Athletic Grounds and Ulster are a point ahead.  Ulster 1-7 Munster 0-9

Tubridy scores from play twice more before the break.  He’s been Munster stand out forward so far. Ulster 1-7 Munster 0-9

GOAL – Mark Poland.  Wonderful pass from Benny Coulter.  Ulster now three ahead.  Ulster 1-7 Munster 0-7

Sides level.  Darren Hughes thumps over a 45.

29th minute – Owen Mulligan throws another trade mark dummy and fires over off the outside of the right foot.  Ulster 0-6 Munster 0-7

25th minute – Munster now two clear after Paul Kerrigan clips a point over from a narrow angle out on the right.  Ulster 0-5 Munster 0-7

23rd minute. Tubridy slots a free from the ground over the Ulster crossbar.  Ulster 0-5 Munster 0-6

21st minute. Martin Penrose slots a free to level the scores again after Mulligan in fouled by O’Mahony.  Ulster 0-5 Munster 0-5

18 minutes gone. Patrick Kelly puts Munster back in front.  He lost possession but managed to get a boot on the loose ball and ram it over.  Ulster 0-4 Munster 0-5

Wonderful, wonderful point from Owen Mulligan from wide out on the right.  O’Mahony really struggling with the Cookstown man this afternoon so far.  Ulster level.  Ulster 0-4 Munster 0-4

Munster full forward Gary Murney from Waterford gives Munster a lead with a point from a free.  Ulster 0-3 Munster 0-4

Clare’s David Tubridy slots his second for Munster as they level it up again.  Ulster 0-3 Munster 0-3

Attendance confirmed as 2,662 as Dan Gordan fires Ulster in front again after ten minutes from play.  Ulster 0-3 Munster 0-2

6 minutes gone. Patrick Kelly puts Munster a point ahead with a long range shot.  Mark Poland gets his first for Ulster a minute later after a perfect Mulligan pass.  Ulster 0-2 Munster 0-2

Munster are level at a point each.  David Tubridy point from 13 metre free.

Owen Mulligan opens the score for Ulster after 30 seconds.  Right footed point off the marking of Aidan O’Mahoney.  Ulster 0-1 Munster 0-0

1.50pm – The crowd in Armagh is starting to gather in. We reckon that there’s about 1000 people here so far. Throw in at 2pm

Ulster are lining up for a 30th Railway Cup in Armagh on Sunday afternoon and standing in their way are the men from Munster. will be LIVE in the Morgan Athletic Grounds from 1.30pm with all the build up to throw in at 2pm.

With seven Tyrone men bidding for a Railway Cup medal there’s sure to be plenty of local interest in the game.

Ulster Team – Brendan McVeigh; Brendan Donaghy, Neil McGee, Karl Lacey; Ciaran McKeever, Darren Hughes, James Loughrey; Dan Gordan, Rory Kavanagh; Peter Harte, Mark Poland, Martin Penrose; Conleith Gilligan, Benny Coulter, Owen Mulligan


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