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LoughTec Hotshots Division 3

Thursday 19.08.2021
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LoughTec Hotshots

This week’s LoughTec Hotshots is topped by two players hitting nine points apiece in the same game. 

It was like shootout at the OK Corral between Drumquin and Glenelly as Matty Mc Dermott and Seamus Harkin both hit form in a 1-16 to 1-16 draw between the two sides. 

Shea Browne, Peter Hughes and Matthew Carberry all bagged 0-7 as they complete the top five hotshots from the latest round of fixtures in Division Three. Ciaran Kerlin CNG bagged two goals for his team in their match with Eskra while Shea Tennyson hit 0-6 in Derrytresk’s win over Urney.

LoughTec Hotshots Week 11

Matty Mc Dermott Drumquin 0-9 v Glenelly

Seamus Harkin Glenelly 0-9 v Drumquin

Matthew Carberry Cookstown 0-7 v Brocagh

Shea Browne CNG 0-7 v Eskra

Peter Hughes Eskra 0-7 v CNG

Shea Tennyson Derrytresk 0-6 v Urney

Ciaran Kerlin CNG 2-0 v Eskra



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