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Matty Mc Guigan Takes On Loughtec 1-15

Monday 29.03.2021
Team Talk Mag
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1: Who or what first got you into the GAA?

My granda Matt Tracey would have first got me involved with Kildress at the age of about 8 going to Club Tyrone summer camp then starting to play U8s for the club. 

2: Who has been the biggest influence on your career? 

There is not one certain person but a lot of great coaches within the club , school and county set ups have all been very influential in my career. 

3: Who has been your most difficult opponent and why? 

Been a lot of tough opponents give me roastings but in most recent time Michael Mullan (Drumragh) in the county final last year gave me a tight marking. 

4: Apart from your home club, which club ground in Tyrone do you most enjoy playing on? 

Killyclogher, big open pitch and great surface very similar to our own pitch. 

5: Most memorable or inspiring words of advice you have ever heard in a changing room?

“Have yous got the fire in the belly Kildress” an old classic.  

6: Club volunteer of note?

There’s a lot of great hard working people in Kildress but Marie Quinn (Secretary) puts in serious hours and work to keep everything right within the club. 

7: How is your club currently ensuring it is playing its part in the community? 

It’s playing a massive part, with the new hub being ready to go once we get the green light and a new play park at the pitch now too for the young children, a lot of hard work put in this last few years not only for the club but for the whole parish.  

8: Are there other sports you enjoy playing or have a keen interest in?  

Golf , love it currently a member of Killymoon can’t wait to get back at it. 

9: Which county side, if any, look capable of defeating Dublin in the championship?

Kerry I think will be the team to beat them in the next few years. Also think Tyrone under new management might play a bit more attacking and could take them if the right team is on the field.  

10: How would you describe your own involvement in the club?

I try and do the most I can for the club , I have got involved with some youth teams is the last 3/4 years trying to coach them wee small things that I have learned over the years. 

11: What rules, if any, would you like to see implemented or changed in the modern game?

Would scrap the forward mark , rather get the ball one on one with a man and trying to beat him and kick a score rather than getting a free opportunity to get a score just from catching a ball.  

12:If there was a transfer market in GAA, what club player in the same division as you would you like to see playing for your club and why? 

I’ll go with Division 2 seeing that’s where I think we should be this season , I think Oisin Donnelly from Beragh would be a great player to have in our team great energy and good all round player.  

13: Any superstitions or routines that you have or use on match days? 

Need a coffee before every match. 

14: Do you have a favourite training drill or one that you dread hearing the coach say is coming next?

Hate the star fist pass drill get bored of it very quick seems to go on forever too 

15: Last year’s club championships were very competitive, what are your predictions for the championship winners across all three divisions this year?

Division 1: Dungannon for two in and row I think very young side will take some beating. 

Divison 2: Aghyaran with Ronan McHugh up front for them they will be hard stopped I think this season. 

Divison 3: Killeeshil if they don’t get up this season that is they will be the team to beat in Junior. 


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