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Murphys Gloves Q And A With Clonoe’s PJ Lavery

Thursday 11.06.2020
Team Talk Mag
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This week its the turn of Clonoe star PJ Lavery to do the Murphys Gloves sponsored senior club Q and A.

1. Earliest GAA memory.
Probably not the earliest but unfortunately it would have to be Armagh’s 2002 all Ireland win as I went to school in Armagh and for a year solid I never heard the end of it.

2. Who has been the biggest influences on your career?
My mum and my older brother Conor. Idolised him from an early age and that never changed. Mum never missed a game and always got me upbeat again after a bad day at the office.

3. The best GAA venue you have been to?
Croker without doubt

4. School participation and/or success.
Never played school football.

5. Club/ County role models that you looked up to as a youth
Club – Shane Coney and Colly Doris
County – Peter Canavan, Brian Dooher and Conor Gormley


6. Other sports that you played or had an interest in.
Big interest in soccer, played with Dungannon Swifts before joining the county setup and then play locally now with Coalisland Athletic.

7. Most difficult opponent you have faced in club football and why?
Probably Stephen McNally from Coalisland. We haven’t had many battles this past few years as both have been shifted around the field but we had many a great battle. Great athlete who is very quick, strong and can take a score.

8. Best player you have ever seen play Gaelic football
Diarmuid Connolly for me, the man made Gaelic look so simple when he wanted.

9. If you could replay one game in your career which one
would it be and why?
Probably Dromore in 2014 championship, we were 7 up at one stage in the first half and ended up losing. Honestly feel had we come through that game we would have gone on to win the championship back to back as we already won 2013 and came through a big test against Errigal in the 2014 opener in which we had a man sent off after 15/20 mins.

10. The best GAA match that you ever saw.
2003 all Ireland final, doesn’t get much sweeter than beating Armagh in an All Ireland Final. Especially when you went to school there.

11.What was the most memorable match that you ever played in?
Errigal Ciarán in the semi final 2013 championship. Every player on the park that day in a Clonoe jersey was excellent.

12. Your own involvement around the club.
Have helped out with the girls football teams and also with the u12/13 and the u16 boys football teams but nothing planned this year or next. Have enough problems getting out of the house for training!

13. How important is the GAA in your community?
GAA in Clonoe is very important, from all the coaches who take the underage teams to the people who tidy up around the pitch on match days and the supporters they all do it for the love of Clonoe. Everything is voluntary and our supporters follow us far and wide when required. It really is the HUB of the community that keeps everyone going.

14. Favourite county jersey (not Tyrone)
Wicklow or Tipperary

15. Are you a fan of penalties to decide the outcome of championship games?
Not one bit. For any team to lose a game of football this way after training so hard and for so long is cruel. Surely another 10mins or even 5 mins each way could get a result. Also the GAA is unique and although I do love soccer I’d prefer to keep our game the way it was. Too many changes being made to our game.




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