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Naomh Treasa Lose To Lacken

Sunday 27.11.2022
Team Talk Mag


Lacken were looking to even the score for the 2020 final won by Naomh Treasa and with Derrylaughan winning the 2021 game, the Dungannon side were looking to make it a three in a row for Tyrone.

While both teams had large panels to choose from, it wasn’t to be for the Tyrone side who had a couple of key players missing from the Middletown fixture.

Roisin McErlean put Dungannon in front with a free, but Lacken quickly settled with scores from midfielder Roisin Galligan and Roisin O’Keefe. O’Keefe was absent when these sides last met and her presence in this game was significant particularly in the first half when she looked very was dangerous on the ball.

Dungannon goalkeeper Eimear Colton made the first of many excellent saves and forward Cara Little put them back in the lead with an excellent goal strike. McErlean took a point from play as the team responded to the challenge.

Lacken had several wides but were however dominating the on-pitch possession and Naomh Treasa needed to make the most of every opportunity as Grainne Rafferty’s effort hit the upright. Gaps were appearing in the Dungannon defence  that O’Keefe was more than able to take advantage of putting her team back in front and they finished the half with a three-point advantage.

The second half saw Lacken take total control and a further goal from Joanne Moore sealed Dungannon’s fate. The Tyrone girls were working hard to salvage something from the game but a red card for a high effort which caught a Lacken player meant that they were fighting an uphill battle for the remainder of the game.

Final score Naomh Treasa 1-4 Lacken 2-10

Naomh Treasa: E Colton, M Barker, B Barker, D O’Faolain, C Casey, C McGrath, Caitlin McNulty, B Jones, C Ferran, C Kelly, R McErlean (0-3), Cora McNulty, L Casey, G Rafferty, C Little (1-1), A Ferran, M Martins, MJ O’Donnell, N Doran, N Morgan, R O’Donnell, S McNulty, Á McNulty, N McNulty, L Barker, C Donnelly

Lacken: M Ellis, Aine Crowe, N McInerney, N Murray, Aoife Crowe, R Crowe McKeever, C O’Reilly, L Crowe, R Galligan (0-1), A O’Brien, J Moore (1-1), L Murtagh, R O’Keefe(1-5), T Hogan, E Brady(0-3), C Leddy, K Galligan, K Riley, S Rudden, E Smith, C Reilly, T Carr, H Murray



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