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Og Sport Finals Tuesday 26th In Greencastle.

Monday 25.06.2012
Team Talk Mag

The winners of the Grade 1 and Grade 2 sections of the Óg Sport competition will be decided tomorrow night (26th) in Greencastle.

Grade 1 Semi-Finalists

  1. Moortown
  2. Owen Roes
  3. An Charraig Mhor
  4. Pomeroy

Grade 2 Semi-Finalists

  1. Beragh
  2. Moy
  3. Aghyaran
  4. Aghaloo

7pm Grade 1 Semi Finals

Pitch 1: Owen Roes  v  An Charraig Mhor

Pitch 2: Moortown  v  Pomeroy

7.30pm Grade 2 Semi Finals

Pitch 1: Aghyaran  v  Beragh

Pitch 2: Moy  v  Aghaloo

8.15pm Finals

Rules & Regulations

  • All games shall be 10 minutes each way with a half time break of 3 minutes.
  • In the event of a draw in the semi final or final a further 5 mins each way will be played. If still a draw the next score will decide.
  • Players should be over 13 and under 15 on January 1st in the year of the competition
  • The team shall consist of a panel of 10 players – seven a side team and 3 substitutes
  • The winning club in the county will compete in the provincial competition
  • Substitutes must be made from the designated area at the centre of the pitch at the sideline
  • Teams may or may not include a goalkeeper.  However only a player acting as a goalkeeper and wearing a distinctive jersey is entitled to the privileges of a goalkeeper
  • The panel of 10 players who commence the competition must complete the competition
  • The width of the pitch remains the same and the length of the pitch is from 1 sideline to the other, i.e. 2 games on the 1 pitch playing across the pitch.
  • Width is 52 metres.
  • Size 5 O’Neills football should be used
  • Kickouts must be played forward and can be taken either off the ground or out of the hands
  • 45’s and free kicks can be kicked in the optional manner
  • No penalties
  • Disputes will be decided by 3 members of the organising committee.
  • Disputes must be handed in in writing to the venue co-ordinator within 15 minutes of the completion of the game

With the exceptions outlined above, teams and players shall be subject to the general rules and playing rules which apply to 15 a-side competitions and regulations governing 7 a-side competitions.



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