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“Omagh Keeping Well” Seeking Support Of Clubs

Thursday 21.05.2015
Team Talk Mag

The GAA public in Tyrone are being asked to get behind a campaign to help secure funding for Cancer Services in Omagh. The family of the late Myles K Mc Cann, a huge supporter of Tyrone and Errigal Ciaran, have joined forces with Killyclogher native James Mc Ginn of Hastings Hotels to raise awareness of the Aviva Community Fund and the possibility of obtaining the £10,000 in funding. They are appealing for the support of GAA members all over the county and beyond with the information and voting details included in the article below.
Help secure funding for cancer services in Omagh
We are asking for YOUR VOTE to secure funding for a mobile cancer service in the Omagh area. The Cancer Focus NI Keeping Well van, a mobile drop-in unit that delivers free health checks and cancer awareness sessions directly to workplaces, sports and community groups across Northern Ireland, has been shortlisted to receive £10,000 of funding through the Aviva Community Fund, but needs your vote to secure the amount.  
James McGinn, Hastings hotelier originally from Killyclogher and the family of the late Myles K McCann, Grant’s Restaurant and McCanns Bar have thrown their weight behind the project and are asking everyone in the area and beyond to show their support for this valuable, local service.
Gerry McElwee, Head of Cancer Prevention at Cancer Focus NI, said: “One in three people in NI will be diagnosed with a form of cancer in their lifetime. In the Omagh and Fermanagh Local Government District alone, over 700 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Never before has there been such a need for communities to tackle this issue’
Please take two minutes to log on to, search for the ‘Keeping Well’ project and vote to secure the funding for this service in the wider Omagh area.  Voting closes 30th of May 2015.

Below is the link to the YouTube video of Jimmy McGinn promoting the project.

Below is the details provided on the Aviva voting page should you wish to use any of this as well.


One in three people in NI will develop a form of cancer. In Omagh and Fermanagh Local Government District alone, the average number of cancer diagnoses per year is 713- 383 men and 330 women, with prostate, breast, colorectal and lung cancers being the most common. Never before has there been such a need for communities to tackle the issue.

Omagh is an outward looking community with a vision and plan to optimise opportunities provided through the £10,000 Aviva Community Fund. With Cancer Focus NI as the driving force and the funding as the catalyst, we will kick-start a programme of events meeting the needs of the community by October 2015. A full range of community events will unfold in different settings, catering for all sectors of the population. The benefits will be immense. By transforming life-styles now, the health of the community will be changed for the better for generations to come.

Central to our work will be a consultation exercise establishing people’s aspirations for their own health and wellbeing and their commitment to change. Data analysis will be carried out by Cancer Focus NI, with recommendations informing our action plan and driving the community to bring changes to achieve our joint vision. Costs of this vital initial analysis are estimated to be in the region of £1500.

Research indicates that the most powerful way to affect change is an individual consultation, providing a comprehensive report on body composition and metabolic age, combined with individually tailored health improvement plans. To this end, Cancer Focus NI, through their mobile Keeping Well vans, will be an accessible and flexible way to reach out to people throughout the Omagh area.

To optimise maximum coverage, we will be working with employers to access employees in their workplaces. In addition to individual consultations, we will provide a series of talks highlighting the links between healthy eating, exercise and reducing cancer risks. A smoking cessation clinic will also be made available. We will require £5000 to cover costs of necessary medical supplies.

The cancer prevention message will be delivered to self-employed, unemployed, outdoor and agricultural workers at accessible venues including 3 garage forecourts, the shopping centre, library and the weekly market.

An additional £1000 will enable us to visit sheltered dwellings, day centres and community events to provide services tailored to meet the needs of our elderly population. Age appropriate advice and guidance will be given about reducing the risk of cancer.

No one will be overlooked. Being an inclusive community the needs of ethnic minority groups will be fully addressed. To facilitate this, fees of up to £1000 for translation and interpretation services will be required.

We believe in our young people and investing in their health. Genevieve, Cancer Focus NI’s goat, will visit primary schools and help deliver education packages to young people in the 4-11 year age group, encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. Working with older students in schools and youth settings, we will provide prevention programmes around care in the sun, smoking prevention, diet and exercise and introduce them to the vital routine of being body aware. It is the intention of Cancer Focus NI to launch their innovative ‘Lend an Ear’ listening and responding programme for 17-18 year olds as part of this initiative. £500 of our funding will support this.

To encourage people to get on the move, opportunities will be created to join walking groups, Focus Fit gym classes and Van Pull events.

The success of this initiative will depend on our ability to enthuse, motivate and mobilise our local community to take action. Harnessing the capacity of existing health networks in the area will be among our primary objectives, working in partnership to enhance existing provision. To this end we plan to allocate up to £1000 on communication, networking, PR and advertising.


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