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Paudi Mc Nulty Takes Loughtec 1-15 Challenge

Wednesday 31.03.2021
Team Talk Mag
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1. Who or what first got you into the GAA?
My family introduced me to the GAA, they sent me to play both hurling and Football from a very young age. Since then I’ve never looked back, GAA is a big part of everything I do.  

> 2: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
There has been a lot of people that have had a big influence but mainly my coaches from when I was a young age to now. Every coach helped me learn different ways to play the game and add different aspects to my game. I thank them all of them for that. 

> 3: Who has been your most difficult opponent and why?
Over the years I’ve had many a difficult opponent. As a club team we have played every team in Tyrone from division 3 to division 1. Every player gives you something different to think about. For me it would be Ritchie Donnelly with his ability to win ball and his shooting and kick passing. 

> 4: Apart from your home club, which club ground in Tyrone do you most enjoy playing on? 

For me it’s Omagh. It reminds me of O’Neill Park with its big open spaces. 

> 5: Most memorable or inspiring words of advice you have ever heard in a changing room?

Most memorable words were before the county final this year. Finding a reason to why we put in all the training and gave up all our valuable time. We all have someone or something that we wanted to win this for. For our family, community, ones that have sadly past away, and for our club. Every player has to decide why and do it for that reason. 

> 6: Club volunteer of note?
Our club at the minute has everyone pulling in the same direction. From the committee members driving the new fund raising campaign for the New O’Neill Park.  The coaches putting in all the time and effort to make all the children better players and better people through the spirit the GAA provides. 

> 7: How is your club currently ensuring it is playing its part in the community? 

Our club does a lot for the community. Taking food for the most vulnerable in the community and trying to help with the community’s mental Heath during these difficult times. 

> 8: Are there other sports you enjoy playing or have a keen interest in? 

I’m a keen Man Utd supporter but sometimes it is not easy

> 9: Which county side, if any, looks capable of defeating Dublin in the championship?

I think Dublin are a unbelievable team but I think teams have started to close the gap. I think Tyrone and Kerry are the two best to match them. With the new management team  in place I think Tyrone can close the gap and match Dublin. 

> 10: Describe what it felt like returning home to the Town with O’Neill Cup last year?

The feeling taking the cup back to Dungannon was one of the best feelings that I’ll ever experience. The sheer joy of the community was unbelievable. I’ve never seen Anne Street as full in my life. It’s one that we will all cherish and remember for a long time. 

> 11: What rules, if any, would you like to see implemented or changed in the modern game?

I would like to see the attacking mark taken away. I think I slows the whole game up, it’s not needed in football 

> 12:If there was a transfer market in GAA, what club player in the same division as you would you like to see playing for your club and why? 

That’s a tough one, I would love to see Mackers from Coalisland. He been one of the most stand out players in Tyrone for the last 10 years. 

> 13:Any superstitions or routines that you have or use on match days?
No I’m not very superstitious but a match day routine would be a morning breakfast and coffee with the lads 

> 14:Do you have a favourite training drill or one that you dread hearing the coach say is coming next?

I really don’t mind running drills at all but the drill when two people are in a square and you have to tackle each other for a minute is my dreaded drill. 

> 15: After winning the championship last year you will now be the hunted instead of the hunter how difficult will it be to defend O ‘Neill Cup?

That’s the way it’s going to be. We wouldn’t expect it any other way. It’s really going to test our character but as a team we need to find a way to deal with that. I can’t wait to getting back at it. 



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