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Plunkett Kane Takes On 1-15

Wednesday 24.03.2021
Team Talk Mag
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1: Who or what first got you into the GAA? My brothers, as I was the youngest I grew up watching them and wanted to follow in their footsteps. 

> 2: Who has been the biggest influence on your career? It would have to be my family again, they helped me anyway they could and give me the support I needed. Although my dad probably wanted me to play for Galbally rather than Coalisland. 

> 3: Who has been your most difficult opponent and why? It would have to be Ryan Mc Menamin, we always had some tough battles against Dromore and he wasn’t afraid to let you know if you were having a bad game. It was all good fun though. 

> 4: Apart from your home club, which club ground in Tyrone do you most enjoy playing on? I always like playing in Edendork, it is usually in great shape and it has been good to us over the years. 

> 5: Most memorable or inspiring words of advice you have ever heard in a changing room? My favourite quote is that the only team who will beat you is yourselves, sometimes we worry too much about the other team rather than going out and playing to our strengths. 

> 6: Club volunteer of note? Luckily at Coalisland Fianna we have plenty of people who are willing to help out and get involved. Two of note would be Fergie Harte and Gerry Galvin 

> 7: How is your club currently ensuring it is playing its part in the community? It has been a strange year for everyone with COVID but there has been plenty of volunteers helping with the local food banks and the older community. As well as that Shane Hughes and Paudie Hampsey have been providing zoom classes and work outs for teenagers to keep them active and healthy. We also have a running club which is great for people to get some fresh air and improve their mental health.  

> 8: Are there other sports you enjoy playing or have a keen interest in? Golf is a great sport and I wish I was good at it but unfortunately not. I always liked playing soccer, as I got older though I realised I couldn’t do both and stuck to the Gaelic.

> 9: Which county side, if any, look capable of defeating Dublin in the championship? At the minute I don’t think anyone can stop Dublin, they just keep producing 2 or 3 new players every year. I always like watching Kerry because they play good football and hopefully next year is a better one for them. 

> 10: You were privileged to captain the Fianna to a senior championship and have added another medal as well. Are you still as hungry as ever? To captain your club is always a great honour and thankfully I got to lift the cup which made it extra special. I think as you get older you be even more hungry because you start to think every game is your last. 

> 11: What rules, if any, would you like to see implemented or changed in the modern game? I don’t like any marks in Gaelic football, it slows the game down and for me it takes the skill out of it as well.

> 12:If there was a transfer market in GAA, what club player in the same division as you would you like to see playing for your club and why? I would take Mark Bradley, he’s a class act, has two good feet and has given us plenty of headaches in the past. Plus he could do a job until we get Paddy Mc Niece back from America. 

> 13:Any superstitions or routines that you have or use on match days? No superstitions but we don’t let Phily Toner drive to games anymore after he fell asleep at the wheel coming home from work at half 5 🙈.

> 14:Do you have a favourite training drill or one that you dread hearing the coach say is coming next? My favourite drill is always shooting practice, one to avoid is the pressure cooker. 

> 15: Do you think the Tyrone senior championship is more competitive now than when you made your debut? Yeah definitely, I think years ago there was always a fancied two or three teams. But now division 1 is so competitive that everyone fancies their chances and that shows why no team has done back to back championships for so long. 



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