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Quiz Answers for Sunday 25th May

Monday 25.05.2020
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1.Who was the first Tyrone player to play county Minor, U21, Junior and Senior in the same year?

A Iggy Jones
B Frank Donnelly
C Frank McGuigan
D Jody O’Neill
E Donal Donnelly

Could only be Frank McGuigan!

2. Which county became the first to lose a provincial hurling final yet go on to win the All Ireland that year?

A Tipperary
B Cork
C Offaly
D Galway
E Kilkenny

Offaly in 1998

3. After Kerry and Dublin which county comes next in the total number of football Allstars?

A Meath
B Mayo
C Cork
D Galway
E Tyrone

4. Only once in the history of the football Allstars has only 3 counties been represented. Tyrone, Kerry and which other county were represented? 


5. Name the footballer from the 1980s. He won an All Ireland in an historic final, lining out at number 6. 3 years later he lined out at No. 14 in an All Ireland semi- final with a different county.

A Brendan Lowry
B Richie Connor
C Martin Carney
D Sean Lowry
E Gerry Carroll

6. In which county would you find these clubs- Ballymote, Eastern Harps and Western Gaels?

A Mayo
B Longford
C Galway
D Sligo
E Roscommon

7. Which of these is a term that has been applied to an All Ireland final?

A The Blood and Guts Final
B The Thunder and Lightning Final
C The Up and Under Final
D The Lights Out Final
E The Black Horse Final

1939 Hurling final between Cork and Kilkenny was known as the thunder and lightning final-it took place the day WW2 broke out

8. “I warned the boys they couldn’t go through the league undefeated, and unfortunately, they appear to have listened to me!” Which Tyrone manager uttered those words after a defeat to Donegal?

A Danny Ball
B Eugene Mc Kenna
C Mickey Harte
D Art Mc Rory
E Donal Donnelly

Could only be Art

9. Which Irish county can be known as the Corrib County?

A Mayo
B Galway
C Sligo
D Clare
E Limerick

10. If a ball accidentally strikes the referee from a free must he;

A Stop the game and award a throw-in at the point where the ball struck him
B Allow play to continue
C Allow the free kick to be retaken
D Stop the game and throw the ball up from where the player kicked it from



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