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Recreational Football.

Tuesday 17.05.2011
Team Talk Mag

Due to cancellation of the recreational tournaments this Friday because of the rearranged league programm,

the tournaments will now run on Friday 27th May in the following venues:

  • Eskra
  • Geencastle

Playing Rules

  • Two touch
  • Non contact
  • Only non senior / reserve players are eligible to participate

All Clubs are requested to note that all participants play at their own risk as they are not covered under the player injury scheme.

Any Club interested in entering a team is requested to get in contact.
First game(s) at each venue will commence at 7:15pm sharp.
Recreational Tournament Dates
Friday 17th June
Friday 1st July
Friday 12th August
Friday 9th September

** If any Club is interested in hosting a tournament on any of the above dates can they please get in touch

by contacting Anne Daly at the County Board Offices in Omagh.



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