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Seminar For Club PRO’s

Monday 05.03.2018
Team Talk Mag



The date and venue for the Club PRO’s seminar have been finalised with the event scheduled for Wednesday 7th March at 7.15pm in The Tyrone GAA Centre at Garvaghey.


A lot of organisation and effort has gone into putting the event together and it is hoped that there will be a full turnout of all PRO’s.


Alan Milton Head of Communications from Croke Park plus Emmett Haughain also from Croke Park and part of the Leadership Development Programme have both been invited to attend the seminar.


One of the key aims of the event is to provide some information and background into how a club can set up and design a much more user friendly “Club Web Site” with the aid of expert guidance from Laird2 Design and Niall Laird.


The implications of the New Data protection laws coming into force in May will be covered by Tyrone’s IT Officer Gerard Bradley.


This is the first Club PRO specific seminar of this type in Tyrone and it is essential that all Club PRO’s are present as part of the evening will highlight the aims and objectives for the Tyrone Communications Committee in 2018.


It is hoped to have an open forum where PRO’s can ask some questions and bring forward some of the specific issues which they face in their role with their clubs.



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