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Senior Player Q+A With Dalaigh Jones

Thursday 30.04.2020
Team Talk Mag

This week’s senior club player Q+A in association with Murphys Gloves is Dungannon’s Dalaigh Jones

1. Earliest GAA memory.

The clubs Play Off vs Moortown in 2004. We were in Division 1B and played in Edendork, I was 6 at the time but can remember the joy of the players coming back up the steps to the changing room. My da took me to the All Ireland Final that year also, I still have the Mayo flag from it.

2. Was your family a traditional GAA family?
My Family has a massive GAA Tradition with each family member representing our clubs, either playing or volunteering. From as far back as I can remember we’ve been up at the club or going to the matches on a Sunday, even when many people didn’t. My Granda Iggy has a room named after him up in the club.

3. The best GAA venue you have been to?
It’s hard to say anything other than Headquarters, but Club championship in O’Neill Park on a summer’s evening is what I look forward to.

4. School participation and any success.
Luckily enough my years in the Academy had a lot of success. We won the O’Farrell, Corn na nÓg, Brock and McCormick Cups.

5. Club/ County role models that you looked up to as a youth.
Probably from the footballing side, Gerald Cavlan was someone everyone looked up to at the club. Also Ricey McMenamin for Tyrone. I liked his ferocious tackling and playing on the edge. Mickey ‘Ticket’ Kelly was someone who made me appreciate the work behind the scenes at the club.

6. Other sports that you played or had an interest in.
I tried a bit of everything when I was younger; Soccer, Basketball and Hurling mainly.

7. Most difficult opponent you have faced in club football and why?

Niall Sludden was very good against us last year. In terrible conditions he was untouchable, but mainly his leadership on the field.

8. Best player you have ever seen play Gaelic football

I think Michael Murphy and Diarmuid Connelly are the complete Gaelic footballers, I couldn’t pick between them.

9. Are you a fan of the recent rule changes?

I’m of the opinion that football had been fine the way it was. I think the GAA can be too quick to change the rules.

10. The best GAA match that you ever saw?

Our Under 16s were playing in the league final against a very good Killeeshil team and getting beaten by 9 points I think at half time. They produced probably one of the best half’s of football I’ve ever seen and came back to win it.

11. Are you a fan of academies/development squads? Why?

I am. I love the learning it can give to young lads, even the importance of stretching, diet etc and being able to takes your skills to the next level. Sometimes making the squad can get to players head and they forget who gave them the skills to be there.

12. Your own involvement around the club.

Apart from playing, I help out as much as I can, selling the club lotto up in Hagans and McAleers every Saturday night, more recently selling tickets for our club draw. I’ve been involved with underage coaching at all age groups.

13. How important is the GAA in your community?

Massive. Being from the Town with many other sports and clubs, I think sometimes people underestimate our club’s importance; Whether that’s charity work, volunteering, playing. Even during lockdown the club has helped many in the community try get through these tough times. It gives many great pride.

14. Favourite county jersey (not Tyrone)
The Kildare Jersey

15. Are you a fan of penalties to decide the outcome of championship games?

I think it’s a cruel outcome for teams. I would hate to think of teams practising  penalties. I can never remember it being taught as a key skill for Gaelic football when I was younger; Play until you find a winner.




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