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Siobhan Tipp O’Neill Junior Championship

Sunday 11.09.2022
Team Talk Mag

Siobhan ‘Tipp’ O’Neill Junior Championship- Round Robin Round 2


Éire Óg travelled as favourites to Edendork for the second round of the Junior Championship. Both teams have their fair share of young talent and the visitors’ Aoibhinn Daly was the first to score from a 45 while Leanne McKenrnan took another score from play. Edendork’s Lara Devlin, recently returning from a year long injury showed her skill with a first point.

The Edendork defence including Annabel McAteer, Olivia McGuiness, Aine Arthur and Caitlin Doyle had their hands full to clear their lines but the elusive Daly was hard to contain and she proved instrumental in many of her team’s scores. Orla Coyle, injured in the dying minutes of the league final, showed she had suffered no ill effects with a fine score taken on the run. Ciara Clarke came on for the visitors and shortly after hit the back of the net but a well worked team goal from Edendork narrowed the gap to 3. Daly again proved devastating from even long range frees including an astonishing goal.

Half time Edendork 1-3 Éire Óg 2-6

The home team had something of a hill to climb but with the half forward line seeing plenty of ball they carried the fight to their opponents. Unfortunately for them they weren’t able to penetrate the Carrickmore defence. There were several scrambles in front of both goals but Éire Óg ran out winners and will go into the final against Fr Shields full of confidence.

Result: Edendork 1-6 Éire Óg 2-13

Edendork: D. Molloy, A. McAteer, C. Cullen, C. Doyle, R. Murphy, K. McLernon, O. McGuinness, M. Doherty, S. Devlin, O. Cullen, T.J. Murphy, O. Fanthorpe, B. Moohan(0-1), C. Arthur, E. Cullen(0-1), M. Maxwell, A. Arthur, K. Coyle, L. Devlin(1-4), E. Fox, S. McGeary, N. Donaghy


Éire Óg: N. Ward, A. Coyle, T.Haughey, M. Kerr, B. Kerr, Aoibh Kerr, R. Kerr, N. Coyle, A. Daly(1-7), N. Ní Dhonnghaile, L. McKernan(0-2), K. Hughes(0-1), Á. Tanney, S. Hurson, M. Daly, C. Clarke(1-1), A. McElhone, Aoibhín Kerr, Ó. Coyle(0-2), A. Coyle, S. Ní Dhonnghaile, M. Coyle, B. Kelly, A. Slane, S. McElhone


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