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Slaine Mc Carroll Takes On The Mc Aleer And Rushe Q And A

Friday 26.06.2020
Team Talk Mag

1. Earliest GAA memory.

My earliest memory is playing for Eskra’s under 12 boys team with my cousin Caragh Kelly.

 2. How much time do you give over to GAA each week? Can you give us a breakdown of an average week?

With covid-19 this is the longest time I’ve went without playing football, I have been doing my own work as well as training plans given to us from county and club coaches to try and keep myself busy and keep my fitness up before football starts back again. Although during my busy periods with club and county around championship time I train almost every day during the week with either a club or county match at the weekends, although I know my limits and understand how important my rest/ recovery days are. 

3. The best GAA venue you have been to?

Without a doubt Croke Park. I also enjoy playing club championship games in Killyclogher. I have lots of happy football memories and their pitch is class.

 4. School participation and/or success.

I went to St.Ciarans, Ballygawley where I was fortunate enough to play with many talented girls. I’ve won 1 x un16 A Ulster championship, 1 x un16 All-Ireland A championship where I got the player of the match award, 1 x un20 B Ulster championship and 1 x Ulster A championship. I also won 2 x PPS Ulster All-stars in my time with St. Ciarans. I currently am studying at Queens University Belfast. We have been unlucky so far when competing at O’Connor Cup weekends. I would love to win something with QUB ladies. 

5. Club/ County role models that you looked up to as a youth.

Maura McMenamin, Shauna Mc Girr, the Donnelly clan, Neamh Woods, Gemma Begley. 

 6. Other sports that you played or had an interest in.

I used to be on the St.Ciarans cross country team and have won medals running in Ulster competitions, I only went for the day out but wish I continued with it as I actually liked it when I was there. 

 7. Most difficult opponent you have faced in club football and why?

My picks would be Niamh Hughes because of her pace, Maria Canavan because of her left foot that never misses… Emma Smyth gave me a run around in my younger days too. This is tough as I’ve had good battles with many opponents. 

 8. Best player you have ever seen play Gaelic football 

Fiona Mc Hale from Carnacon when we played them in 2017. It was a one woman show that day. 

 9. Are you happy enough to see the restart of club and county activities? 

YES! Can’t wait to start back as long as it all goes safely and smoothly for everyone. 

 10. The best GAA match that you ever saw.

Eskra vs Urney in the Tyrone intermediate final in 2013. Eskra got to division 1 football for the first time in the history of the club. The atmosphere was deadly. 

11. Are you a fan of academies/development squads? Why

Yes absolutely, I think they are important. You meet great friends and most importantly develop your skills to become a better footballer which is a great trait to have. You never stop learning how to be a better footballer even as a senior player I am always learning and improving my game so it’s great to get young girls thinking about it at development squads. 

12. Your own involvement around the club.

I help train our un8, un10 and un12 girls developing their skills as they are the future of our club. 

 13. How important is the GAA in your community?

Very important. The GAA helps bring people together in good times and bad. It gives everyone something to talk about and get involved in which is what I love about it. 

14. Favourite county jersey (not Tyrone) 


15. What are your main strengths as a footballer?

I’m a half back normally, so breaking forward out of defence and ensuring I always come back to do my initial job (defending). 



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