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Tuesday 06.09.2011
Team Talk Mag

The rate of growth of continues at a phenomenal pace and this evening marked a further milestone as its unique visitor numbers passed the 60,000 mark. The website has been in existence now  for just over ten months and from very humble beginnings it has developed into a fantastic resource and reference point for followers of all matters GAA within Tyrone. The numbers of international followers who are accessing the website on a regular basis is further evidence of its increasing popularity outside of Ireland as ex pat Tyrone folk strive to keep in touch with all that is happening back at home. With the club season building to its peak we fully expect the 70,000 mark to be reached in the not too distant future. We thank you our readers and sponsors for making the enormous success that it presently is and look forward to bringing you many more stories over the weeks ahead as we approach not only the climax of the club season but the first anniversary of the launch of the website.



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