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TTM Sunday Night Quiz Answers

Monday 08.06.2020
Team Talk Mag
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Congratulations to Eddie Doris from Cookstown who won the TTM Sunday Night Quiz sponsored by Murphy’s Gloves and prepared by Fabian McGlone.

1. Which Tyrone club was the last to win back to back adult championship titles?

A Trillick
B Carrickmore
C Errigal Ciaran
D Tattyreagh
E Coalisland

2. Who was the first Tyrone substitute introduced in the 2003 All Ireland Final?

A Chris Lawn
B Stephen O’Neill
C Colly Holmes
D Ryan Mellon

3. Who was the Tyrone goalkeeper when they defeated Cavan to win their first senior title at national level by winning the 2002 National League?

A John Devine
B Pascal Mc Connell
C Peter Ward
D Finbar Mc Connell
E Martin Conway

4. Name the two time Cork football All Star with 4 All Ireland Club medals?

Jimmy Barry-Murphy

5. Who is the only man to win All Ireland Club Football and Hurling medals with different clubs?

A Teddy Mc Carthy
B Liam Currams
C Ray Cummins
D Alan Kerins
E Denis Walsh

With Salthill and Clarinbridge

6. In which Irish county would you find the following clubs- Cratloe, Meelick, Tubber and Tulla?

A Limerick
B Galway
C Clare
D Tipperary
E Cork

7. Which Tyrone player completes this triumvirate- Owen Mulligan, Sean Cavanagh __________?

A Peter Canavan
B Brian Dooher
C Brian Mc Guigan
D Kevin Hughes
E Philip Jordan

Man of the match winners in Tyrone’s 3 All Ireland Final wins

8. ‘Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive but what they conceal is vital.’ Words from the mouth of which TV pundit?

A Colm O’Rourke
B Joe Brolly
C Pat Spillane
D Ger Loughnane
E Oisin Mc Conville

9. Golfing Major winner, Padraig Harrington’s father played inter county football for who?

A Louth
B Dublin
C Cork
D Tipperary
E Meath

10. A player who has possession of the football has the ball pulled from him by an opponent with both hands. What is the correct decision?

A Award a free-kick to the player who originally had possession, with no other action
B Award a free-kick to the player who originally had possession, and Note the offender
C Throw-in the ball between a player from each side
D Allow play to continue



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