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Tyrone All County League Fixtures

Thursday 20.03.2014
Team Talk Mag

Please find below the proposed schedule of senior league fixtures. Take note of the various provisos listed and how the success of the County’s senior football team may well affect the starting date and the opening round fixtures.

1. Should Tyrone qualify for the National League semi finals on Sunday 13th
April, then the first round of Div 1 and 2 Fixtures will be postponed, and Div
3 fixtures will be brought forward to Saturday 12th April.

2. If Tyrone qualify for the National League final on 27th April then Round 3 fixtures in Div 1 and 2 will be postponed and substituted by Starred Round 1 on Saturday 26th April. In Division 3, Round 3 will also be brought forward to Saturday 26th April.

3. Round 5 matches in all three divisions that involve County Minors will be fixed for Friday 9th instead of Sunday 11th May.

The dates and venues for the Adult championships and the league fixtures up to the Holiday Period will be forwarded before the end of April.

Div 1 ACL Fixtures

Round 1 Sunday 13th April (Tyrone not in NFL Semifinals)
An Charraig Mhor v Coalisland
Donaghmore v Errigal Ciaran
Strabane v Clonoe
Omagh v Eskra
Moortown v Ardboe
Moy v Augher
Cookstown v Killyclogher
Dromore v Eglish

Round 2 Saturday 19th April
An Charraig Mhor v Augher
Moortown v Errigal Ciaran
Clonoe v Dromore
Cookstown v Omagh
Ardboe v Donaghmore
Moy v Coalisland
Eskra v Killyclogher
Eglish v Strabane

Round 3 Sunday 27th April (Tyrone not in NFL Final)
Killyclogher v An Charraig Mhor
Errigal Ciaran v Eglish
Ardboe v Clonoe
Omagh v Moy
Augher v Eskra
Strabane v Moortown
Dromore v Donaghmore
Coalisland v Cookstown

Round 4 Friday 2nd May
An Charraig Mhor v Moortown
Errigal Ciaran v Augher
Clonoe v Cookstown
Omagh v Dromore
Ardboe v Coalisland
Moy v Donaghmore
Killyclogher v Strabane
Eskra v Eglish

Round 5 Sun 4th May
Dromore v An Charraig Mhor
Errigal Ciaran v Cookstown
Augher v Clonoe
Omagh v Moortown
Eskra v Ardboe
Moy v Strabane
Donaghmore v Killyclogher
Coalisland v Eglish

Round 6
An Charraig Mhor v Strabane
Eskra v Errigal Ciaran
Coalisland v Clonoe
Donaghmore v Omagh
Cookstown v Ardboe
Dromore v Moy
Moortown v Killyclogher
Eglish v Augher

Round 7
Cookstown v An Charraig Mhor
Dromore v Errigal Ciaran
Moortown v Clonoe
Omagh v Augher
Ardboe v Strabane
Eskra v Moy
Coalisland v Killyclogher
Donaghmore v Eglish

Round 8
Eskra v An Charraig Mhor
Strabane v Errigal Ciaran
Donaghmore v Clonoe
Omagh v Coalisland
Ardboe v Dromore
Moy v Cookstown
Augher v Killyclogher
Eglish v Moortown

Round 9
An Charraig Mhor v Donaghmore
Coalisland v Errigal Ciaran
Clonoe v Eskra
Strabane v Omagh
Ardboe v Augher
Moy v Moortown
Killyclogher v Dromore
Eglish v Cookstown

Round 10
Ardboe v An Charraig Mhor
Errigal Ciaran v Moy
Clonoe v Killyclogher
Eglish v Omagh
Eskra v Dromore
Strabane v Cookstown
Donaghmore v Augher
Moortown v Coalisland

Starred Round 1 26th April (Tyrone in NFL Final)
An Charraig Mhor v Clonoe
Errigal Ciaran v Omagh
Killyclogher v Ardboe
Eglish v Moy
Donaghmore v Eskra
Strabane v Coalisland
Dromore v Augher
Moortown v Cookstown

Starred Round 2 9th or 11th May
An Charraig Mhor v Errigal Ciaran
Clonoe v Omagh
Moy v Ardboe
Killyclogher v Eglish
Strabane v Eskra
Coalisland v Donaghmore
Cookstown v Dromore
Augher v Moortown

Starred Round 3
Omagh v An Charraig Mhor
Errigal Ciaran v Clonoe
Ardboe v Eglish
Killyclogher v Moy
Coalisland v Eskra
Strabane v Donaghmore
Dromore v Moortown
Augher v Cookstown

Starred Round 4
Eglish v An Charraig Mhor
Killyclogher v Errigal Ciaran
Clonoe v Moy
Omagh v Ardboe
Moortown v Eskra
Augher v Strabane
Cookstown v Donaghmore
Coalisland v Dromore

Starred Round 5
An Charraig Mhor v Moy
Errigal Ciaran v Ardboe
Clonoe v Eglish
Killyclogher v Omagh
Cookstown v Eskra
Dromore v Strabane
Moortown v Donaghmore
Augher v Coalisland

Div 2 ACL Fixtures

Round 1 Sunday 13th April (Tyrone not in NFL Semifinals)
Loughmacrory v Aghyaran
Dungannon v Trillick
Killeeshil v Newtownstewart
Edendork v Derrylaughan
Brackaville v Galbally
Kildress v Gortin
Stewartstown v Urney
Pomeroy v Greencastle

Round 2 Saturday 19th April
Pomeroy v Aghyaran
Urney v Trillick
Kildress v Newtownstewart
Galbally v Edendork
Loughmacrory v Greencastle
Dungannon v Stewartstown
Killeeshil v Gortin
Brackaville v Derrylaughan

Round 3 Sunday 27th April (Tyrone not in NFL Final)
Killeeshil v Aghyaran
Trillick v Derrylaughan
Loughmacrory v Newtownstewart
Dungannon v Edendork
Galbally v Stewartstown
Kildress v Greencastle
Urney v Brackaville
Gortin v Pomeroy

Round 4 Friday 2nd May
Aghyaran v Urney
Trillick v Pomeroy
Newtownstewart v Galbally
Kildress v Edendork
Stewartstown v Loughmacrory
Dungannon v Greencastle
Killeeshil v Brackaville
Gortin v Derrylaughan

Round 5 Sunday 4th May
Aghyaran v Brackaville
Trillick v Gortin
Stewartstown v Newtownstewart
Greencastle v Edendork
Galbally v Loughmacrory
Dungannon v Kildress
Killeeshil v Urney
Derrylaughan v Pomeroy

Round 6
Aghyaran v Kildress
Trillick v Galbally
Newtownstewart v Pomeroy
Urney v Edendork
Loughmacrory v Gortin
Brackaville v Dungannon
Greencastle v Killeeshil
Derrylaughan v Stewartstown

Round 7
Stewartstown v Aghyaran
Greencastle v Trillick
Brackaville v Newtownstewart
Gortin v Edendork
Loughmacrory v Urney
Dungannon v Pomeroy
Killeeshil v Galbally
Derrylaughan v Kildress

Round 8
Gortin v Aghyaran
Brackaville v Trillick
Newtownstewart v Greencastle
Edendork v Stewartstown
Loughmacrory v Kildress
Galbally v Dungannon
Pomeroy v Killeeshil
Urney v Derrylaughan

Round 9
Aghyaran v Galbally
Trillick v Kildress
Newtownstewart v Urney
Edendork v Pomeroy
Brackaville v Loughmacrory
Gortin v Dungannon
Stewartstown v Killeeshil
Derrylaughan v Greencastle

Round 10
Greencastle v Aghyaran
Trillick v Stewartstown
Gortin v Newtownstewart
Brackaville v Edendork
Pomeroy v Loughmacrory
Urney v Dungannon
Killeeshil v Kildress
Galbally v Derrylaughan

Starred Round 1 Saturday 26th April (Tyrone in NFL Final)
Aghyaran v Newtownstewart
Edendork v Trillick
Loughmacrory v Killeeshil
Derrylaughan v Dungannon
Urney v Galbally
Pomeroy v Kildress
Stewartstown v Brackaville
Greencastle v Gortin

Starred Round 2 Friday 9th or Sunday 11th May
Aghyaran v Trillick
Edendork v Newtownstewart
Dungannon v Loughmacrory
Derrylaughan v Killeeshil
Galbally v Kildress
Urney v Pomeroy
Brackaville v Gortin
Stewartstown v Greencastle

Starred Round 3
Edendork v Aghyaran
Newtownstewart v Trillick
Derrylaughan v Loughmacrory
Dungannon v Killeeshil
Galbally v Pomeroy
Kildress v Urney
Greencastle v Brackaville
Gortin v Stewartstown

Starred Round 4
Derrylaughan v Aghyaran
Trillick v Killeeshil
Newtownstewart v Dungannon
Loughmacrory v Edendork
Greencastle v Galbally
Kildress v Stewartstown
Urney v Gortin
Pomeroy v Brackaville

Starred Round 5
Aghyaran v Dungannon
Trillick v Loughmacrory
Newtownstewart v Derrylaughan
Edendork v Killeeshil
Gortin v Galbally
Kildress v Brackaville
Greencastle v Urney
Pomeroy v Stewartstown

Div 3 ACL Fixtures

Round 1 Drumquin v bye
Sat 12th April Brockagh v Dregish
or Owen Roes v Killyman
Sunday 13th April (Tyrone not in NFL Semifinals) Errigal Ciaran III v Glenelly
Drumragh v Castlederg
Tattyreagh v Clan na nGael
Aghaloo v Fintona
Beragh v Rock
Clogher v Derrytresk

Round 2 Drumquin v Killyman
Sat 19th April Dregish v bye
Brockagh v Owen Roes
Tattyreagh v Glenelly
Errigal Ciaran III v Castlederg
Drumragh v Clan na nGael
Fintona v Derrytresk
Aghaloo v Beragh
Rock v Clogher

Round 3 Drumquin v Drumragh
Sat26th or Sun 27th April Tattyreagh v Dregish
Owen Roes v Errigal Ciaran III
Glenelly v Rock
Derrytresk v Castlederg
Clan na nGael v Aghaloo
Brockagh v Fintona
Killyman v Beragh
Clogher v bye

Starred Round 1 Castlederg v Drumquin
Friday 2nd May Dregish v Owen Roes
Glenelly v Clan na nGael
Beragh v Errigal Ciaran III
Drumragh v Tattyreagh
Fintona v Clogher
Rock v Bye
Killyman v Brockagh
Derrytresk v Aghaloo

Round 4 Derrytresk v Drumquin
Sunday 4th May Dregish v Aghaloo
Rock v Owen Roes
Clogher v Glenelly
Castlederg v Fintona
Clan na nGael v Beragh
Killyman v Errigal Ciaran III
Drumragh v bye
Tattyreagh v Brockagh

Round 5 Beragh v Drumquin
Friday 9th or Sunday 11th May Dregish v Clogher
Fintona v Owen Roes
Glenelly v Brockagh
Castlederg v Killyman
Clan na nGael v bye
Errigal Ciaran III v Rock
Derrytresk v Drumragh
Aghaloo v Tattyreagh

Round 6 Drumquin v Brockagh
Killyman v Dregish
Owen Roes v Bye
Drumragh v Glenelly
Tattyreagh v Castlederg
Clan na nGael v Errigal Ciaran III
Rock v Fintona
Derrytresk v Beragh
Clogher v Aghaloo
Round 7
Drumquin v Aghaloo
Rock v Dregish
Derrytresk v Owen Roes
Fintona v Glenelly
Beragh v Castlederg
Clogher v Clan na nGael
Errigal Ciaran III v bye
Drumragh v Brockagh
Killyman v Tattyreagh

Round 8 Fintona v Drumquin
Dregish v Beragh
Owen Roes v Clogher
Glenelly v bye
Brockagh v Castlederg
Clan na nGael v Killyman
Aghaloo v Errigal Ciaran III
Rock v Drumragh
Derrytresk v Tattyreagh

Round 9 Drumquin v Clogher
Fintona v Dregish
Owen Roes v Beragh
Glenelly v Killyman
Castlederg v bye
Brockagh v Clan na nGael
Derrytresk v Errigal Ciaran III
Drumragh v Aghaloo
Tattyreagh v Rock

Round 10 Drumquin v Rock
Dregish v Derrytresk
Aghaloo v Owen Roes
Glenelly v Beragh
Castlederg v Clogher
Clan na nGael v Fintona
Brockagh v Errigal Ciaran III
Killyman v Drumragh
Tattyreagh v bye

Round 11 Tattyreagh v Drumquin
Errigal Ciaran III v Dregish
Drumragh v Owen Roes
Glenelly v Derrytresk
Castlederg v Aghaloo
Rock v Clan na nGael
Fintona v Killyman
Beragh v bye
Clogher v Brockagh

Round 12 Drumquin v Errigal Ciaran III
Dregish v Drumragh
Owen Roes v Tattyreagh
Aghaloo v Glenelly
Castlederg v Rock
Clan na nGael v Derrytresk
Fintona v bye
Beragh v Brockagh
Clogher v Killyman

Starred Round 2 Owen Roes v Drumquin
Dregish v Clan na nGael
Castlederg v Glenelly
Errigal Ciaran III v Tattyreagh
Clogher v Drumragh
Beragh v Fintona
Killyman v Bye
Brockagh v Derrytresk
Rock v Aghaloo

Starred Round 3 Drumquin v Dregish
Owen Roes v Glenelly
Clan na nGael v Castlederg
Errigal Ciaran III v Drumragh
Fintona v Tattyreagh
Beragh v Clogher
Brockagh v Bye
Aghaloo v Killyman
Rock v Derrytresk

Starred Round 4 Clan na nGael v Drumquin
Glenelly v Dregish
Castlederg v Owen Roes
Errigal Ciaran III v Clogher
Drumragh v Fintona
Tattyreagh v Beragh
Derrytresk v Bye
Aghaloo v Brockagh
Killyman v Rock

Starred Round 5 Glenelly v Drumquin
Dregish v Castlederg
Owen Roes v Clan na nGael
Errigal Ciaran III v Fintona
Beragh v Drumragh
Clogher v Tattyreagh
Aghaloo v Bye
Brockagh v Rock
Killyman v Derrytresk



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