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Tyrone Ladies Feile Fixtures

Tuesday 27.03.2012
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Tyrone Feile Fixtures 2012
Saturday 31st March

Feile Cup Feile Shield

Group 1 – In Killeshill Group 1 – In Fintona (Pitch 1)
Round 1 – 10.30am Round 1 – 10.30am
Galbally v Aodh Ruadh Aghyaran v Drumragh
Cill Iseal v Fr Rocks Round 2 – 10.50am
Clonoe v Eoghain Rua
Round 2 – 11.15am Round 3 – 11.10am
Cill Iseal v Galbally Drumragh v Rock
Fr Rocks v Aodh Ruadh Round 4 – 11.30am
Eoghain Rua v Aghyaran
Round 3 – 12pm Round 5 – 11.50am
Aodh Ruadh v Cill Iseal Rock v Clonoe
Fr Rocks v Galbally Round 6 – 12.10pm
Rock v Eoghain Rua
Group 2 – In Glenelly Round 7 – 12.30pm
Round 1 – 10.30am Aghyaran v Clonoe
Glenelly v Clann na nGael Round 8 – 1pm
Round 2 – 11.05am Drumragh v Eoghain Rua
St Dympnas v Mna na Deirge Round 9 – 1.30pm (Using 2 Pitches)
Round 3 – 11.40am Aghyaran v Rock
Clann na nGael v Mna na Deirge Clonoe v Drumragh
Round 4 – 12.15pm
Glenelly v St Dympnas
Round 5 – 12.50pm Group 2 – In Fintona (Pitch 2)
St Dympnas v Clann na nGael Round 1 – 10.30am
Round 6 – 1.25pm Aghyaran v Drumragh
Mna na Deirge v Glenelly Round 2 – 11.00am
Clonoe v Eoghain Rua
Group 3 – In Greencastle Round 3 – 11.30am
Round 1 – 10.30am Clonoe v Drumragh
Sperrin Og v St Endas Round 4 – 12pm
An Charraig Mhor v Errigal Ciaran Eoghain Rua v Aghyaran
Round 5 – 12.30pm
Round 2 – 11.00am Aghyaran v Clonoe
Sperrin Og v An Charraig Mhor Round 6 – 1pm
St Endas v St Macartans Drumragh v Eoghain Rua

Round 3 – 11.30am
St Macartans v Errigal Ciaran
An Charraig Mhor v St Endas

Round 4 – 12pm
St Endas v Errigal Ciaran
Sperrin Og v St Macartans

Round 5 – 12.30pm
Errigal Ciaran v Sperrin Og
St Macartans v An Charraig Mhor

Good luck to all involved. Winners of Feile Cup will go forward to represent Tyrone in the All Ireland Feile at the end of June.



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