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Tyrone Supporters Urged To Be The 16th Man

Wednesday 18.07.2018
Team Talk Mag


A rallying call has gone out to Tyrone supporters, urging then to turn Healy Park into a cauldron of noise and colour on Saturday evening.


The county board and team management want to see Red Hand fans unite in one deafening voice as the 16th man for the visit of All-Ireland champions Dublin.


“We want to mobilise all Tyrone Gaels to get out and be the 16th man in the stands and terraces,” said Tyrone PRO Eugene McConnell.


“Let’s show the All-Ireland champions that Healy Park will be a more than welcoming environment, with plenty of colour, noise and banter.”


“We must get behind the team and create a very special atmosphere and a buzz among all Tyrone supporters. You can all play your part just by being there.”


A huge game for the Red Hands sees them take on the might of the three-in-a-row Sam Maguire Cup winners as they make a historic first ever visit to Omagh for a championship game.


It’s a massive opportunity for the Red Hands to do what no other team has been able to achieve for the past four years – to defeat the Dubs in the heat of championship battle.


Tyrone manager Mickey Harte will have his men well prepared, but he is acutely aware of the role the county’s loyal supporters can play as well.


“I hope that they come out in large numbers and I hope that they become vociferous, because there has to be an energy about this,” said Harte.


“There’s a serious energy in Croke Park when the Dubs are there, and the place is rocking, so there’s no reason why Omagh can’t be rocking as well and rocking a bit more in our favour than theirs.”


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