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Tyrone v Dublin – LIVE Match Tracker

Saturday 06.08.2011
Team Talk Mag

Brian Dooher is the first man down the tunnel. Probably a landmark day for some of our lads.  They don’t owe any of us another ounce of sweat.  Dublin were simply the better team on the day.  Back to the club championship!

Final Score Tyrone 0-15 Dublin 0-22

66 min – Martin Penrose point followed by excellent points from the two Brogans.  Stephen O’Neill, Sean Cavanagh and Enda McGinley score from play.  Tyr 0-15 Dub 0-22 

61 min – Stephen Cluxton grabs his second point with a free from out on the right.  Tyr 0-11 Dub 0-20

59 min – Tyrone goal chance.  Stephen O’Neill is snuffed out deep inside the Dublin box.  Not Tyrone’s day.

58 min – Martin Penrose slots a free to reduce the Dublin lead to 8.  Tyr 0-11 Dub 0-19

56 min – Two quick points from Penrose and O’Neill are cancelled out by Bernard Brogan and Barry Cathal.  Tyr 0-10 Dub 0-19

50 min – Paul Flynn fists a point to extend the lead to 8 again.  Tyr 0-8 Dub 0-16

47 min – Stephen O’Neill wins a free which is converted by Martin Penrose.  Tyr 0-8 Dub 0-15

45 min – Dublin miss an easy goal chance.  Dooher slots a point at the other end.  Tyr 0-7 Dub 0-15

42 min – Bernard Brogan clears Joe and fires over when the goal was on.  Tyr 0-6 Dub 0-15

40 min – Cavanagh wins and misses a free.  Not looking good.

38 min – Denis Bastack rams over another quickly followed by Paul Flynn.  Tyr 0-6 Dub 0-14

37 min – More of the same from Dublin.  Connolly slots his 6th point.  Tyr 0-6 Dub 0-12

52,661 people here in Croke Park.  Tyrone emerge from the tunnel.  Dermot Carlin and Brian Dooher start the second half.

Half Time – Tyrone 0-6 Dublin 0-11 – A very disappointing display so far but Dublin have to be complimented for a very polished performance so far.

38 min – A Sean Cavanagh free from far out on the left finishes the scoring in the first half.  Tyr 0-6 Dub 0-11

37 min – Alan Brogan from play.  Tyrone now six down.  Tyr 0-5 Dub 0-11

36 min – Diarmuid Connolly putting in a man of the match performance.  That’s five now for him. Tyr 0-5 Dub 0-10

32 min – Hub wins a free and Peter converts it this time.  That keeps the Hill quiet. Tyr 0-5 Dub 0-9

31 min – Mark Donnelly picks up a neat pass from Brian McGuigan and shoots over. Tyr 0-4 Dub 0-9

29 min – Bryan Cullen picks up a loose ball and clips it over.  Very comprehensive stuff at this point. Tyr 0-3 Dub 0-9

28 min – Brian McGuigan wins a free and Peter Harte fires wide into a noisy Hill.

27 min – Bernard Brogan clears Joe McMahon and fires over another one. Tyr 0-3 Dub 0-8

24 min – Dublin record their 4th wide.  They’re well on top though.

21 min – Bernard Brogan extends the lead to four.  Tyrone in lots of trouble in defence.  Tyr 0-3 Dub 0-7

17 min – It’s now four in a row for Connolly.  Sean O’Neill moves onto him. Justin McMahon moves to wing back  Tyr 0-3 Dub 0-6

16 min – Sean Cavanagh point from the sideline right under the Hogan Stand.  Tyr 0-3 Dub 0-5 

15 min – Connolly point again.  Tyr 0-2 Dub 0-5

12 min – Diarmuid Connolly opensup a two point lead for the Dubs.  Tyr 0-2 Dub 0-4

9 min- Dublin take the lead for thefirst time.  Alan Brogan fires over to the approval of a noisy Hill.  Tyr 0-2 Dub 0-3

5 min – Sean Cavanagh fire over a free from 35 metres.  Tyr 0-2 Dub 0-1

6.30pm – Very small number of people in place at this stage.  It looks like the crowd are taking shelter in their cars and the local hostelries.  Floodlights just coming on.

The word in the press box is that Tyrone will tog out as selected. It remains to be seen.

We’re in place in a very, very wet Croke Park.  Very similar to the evening we played the Dubs in 2008.  We only need the thunder and lightening and we’re ready to go. 

Undoubtedly Tyrone’s biggest challenge of the year so far.  The Dubs in a huge atmosphere in Croke Park.  We’ll be in place shortly before 7pm to bring you all the latest news from this years All Ireland Quarter Final.



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