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Tyrone v Laois – LIVE Updates!

Saturday 19.03.2011
Team Talk Mag

A great second half performance from the Tyrone men.  With six league points Tyrone are now in a position to push on for a Div 2 league final.  Next up Kildare at home.

Final Whistle – Tyrone 1-12 Laois 0-11

72 min – Joe McMahon is in control of the ball.  It’s possession football now for the Tyrone men.

70 min – The black board with the red numbers tell us there’s two additional minutes at the end of the half.  Surely Tyrone will see this one out?

68 min – Colm Begley reduces the Tyrone lead to four once again.  Tyr 1-12 La 0-11

67 min – Tyrone look like they are back in control.  Substitute Mark Donnelly converts from wide right after a great McGuigan pass.

64 min – Sean O’Neill replaces Cathal McCarron.

63 min – Martin Penrose adds on an insurance point.  Brilliant work from Sean Cavanagh and Conor Gormley to see the Aghyaran man through. Tyr 1-11 La 0-10

62 min – It’s Laois 0-7 Tyrone 0-3 in the second half.  Tyrone need to keep cool to see this one out.

61 min – Meeney increases the pressure on Tyrone with a huge point from out on the right.  Tyr 1-10 La 0-10

59 min – Laois should have goaled.  John O’Loughlin might regret missing that one.  He drives it over from 13 metres.  Tyr 1-10 La 0-9

57 min – Sean Cavanagh fires over another Tyrone free following a nice build up between Ryan McMenamin and Brian McGuigan. Tyr 1-10 La 0-8

54 min – Laois number 3 Kevin Meaney reduces the Tyrone lead once again with an excellent point from wide out on the right.  Tyr 1-9 La 0-8

52 min – Tyrone are forced to resort to the running game into the wind.  It’s working well for them.  Laois have been forced to commit a number of silly fouls.

50 min – Sean Cavanagh takes control of a loose ball and wins a free.  The big Moy man converts the kick.  Joe McMahon replaces Stephen O’Neill  Tyr 1-9 La 0-7

47 min – Laois turnover the ball again and win a free through Ross Munnelly.  MJ Tierney slots it over.  Tyr 1-8 La 0-7

44 min – John O’Loughlin fires over a third Laois point from play.  The home crowd are beginning to make themselves heard.  Tyr 1-8 La 0-6

42 min – Martin Penrose eases the Tyrone nerves from a free.  Cathal McCarron worked hard to win it.  Tyr 1-8 La 0-5

40 min – Tierney once again wins and converts a free from the Tyrone kickout.  Lead down to 5.  Tyr 1-7 La 0-5

38 min – MJ Tierney fires in a long range free and it just scrapes over the bar.  Laios begin the second half looking a little more focused. Tyr 1-7 La 0-4

36 min – Tyrone take to the field.  They’ll be defending the town end playing into that stiff breeze.  Pascal looks to be in no hurry with the first kick out.

Half Time – Tyrone 1-7 Laois 0-3 – Easily the best first half performance of the year for Tyrone.  They’ll be playing into the wind and rain in the second half.  Scores will probably not be as easily come by.

35 min – MJ Tierney fires over the free to record a third Laois point.  Tyr 1-7 La 0-3

34 min – Kevin Hughes picks up a yellow.  The big man has been as busy as ever tonight.

32 min – Cassidy to Harte to McGuigan and again McGuigan slots it over the bar.  Tyr 1-7 La 0-2

30 min – First yellow card of the night for John O’Loughlin from Laois.  Lazy tackle.  Quite rightly carded.

27 min – Wait around for a score and two arrive in a minute.  McGuigan fires over from 40 metres. Tyr 1-6 La 0-2

26 min – Kevin Hughes fires over for Tyrone.  The confidence of last weeks performance is evident.

22 min – The game has gone fairly quiet.  Tyrone in complete control though.  Davy Harte and Dermot Carlin clearing up alot of wayward Laois passing.  Laois are playing into the wind.

18 min – Stephen O’Neill is working hard in the inside forward line.  He’s coming back into some great form.  Hope it continues.

15 min – Colm Cavanagh palms the ball to the Laois net following an excellent pass from Brian McGuigan.  McGuigan looks really up for this tonight.  Tyr 1-4 La 0-2

11 min – Tierney reduces the gap to two with a free from 20m.

9 min – Owen Mulligan didn’t score the last day but he’s on the scoresheet tonight.  He fires over from 25 yards.  Tyr 0-4 La 0-1

8 min  – Colm Cavanagh puts Tyrone two up following some excellent work from Owen Mulligan.  Tyr 0-3 La 0-1

7 min – Tyrone have settled really well.  They look like they’re hungry for a win tonight.

5 min – Brian McGuigan puts Tyrone in front following a great bit of play from Stephen O’Neill. Tyr 0-2 La 0-1

3 min – Sean Cavanagh levels from a free following a foul on Martin Penrose.

2 min – Sheenhan opens the scoring for Laois.  Could have been a goal.

Terrible night.  Conditions in Portlaois are going to prove difficult tonight.

Tyrone Team v Laois

Pascal McConnell, Cathal McCarron, Damian McCaul, Dermot Carlin, David Harte, Conor Gormley, Ryan McMenamin, Kevin Hughes, Aidan Cassidy, Colm Cavanagh, Brian McGuigan, Sean Cavanagh, Martin Penrose, Stephen O’Neill, Owen Mulligan
Subs – Jonathan Curran, Mark Donnelly, Aidan McCrory, Joe McMahon, Justin McMahon, Sean O’Neill, PJ Quinn, Martin Swift


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