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Tyrone v Meath – LIVE Updates!

Saturday 09.04.2011
Team Talk Mag

Full Time – Tyrone 1-14 Meath 0-17

Tyrone end their campaign with a draw.  Disappointing end.  No promotion this year.  Five games undefeated now.  Roll on Monaghan in June! 

71 min – Martin Penrose pops over a free from 25 metres. 

69 min – Reilly breaks Tyrone hearts again with a big point from 35 metres. Tyrone will do well to get anything now.  Tyr 1-13 Mea 0-17

68 min – Level again.  Martin Penrose slots it over following some great build up play from Dooher. 

65 min – Meath in front.  Brian Reilly kicks Banty’s men in front from the right hand side.  Tyr 1-12 Mea 0-16

62 min – Meath are now level – Paddy Gilsenan and Joe Sheridan fire over points.  Tyrone were fortunate that Gilsenan didn’t goal.  Tyr 1-12 Mea 0-15  

61 min – Aidan Cassidy fires over from 20 metres.  U21 star Peter Harte comes in to replace Owen Mulligan.  

58 min – Meath point.  Brian Farrell from a free.  Tyr 1-11 Mea 0-13

56 min – Martin Penrose scores from a free but Meath cancel it out almost immediately with a Brian Menton point. 

52 min – Dooher comes on seconds after Meath reduce the lead to two again.  Tyr 1-10 Mea 0-11 

48 min – Reilly is back on the scoreboard again for Meath.  Tyrone are having trouble shaking Meath  Tyr 1-10 Mea 0-10

44 min – GOAL! Tyrone.  Mark Donnelly really is buzzing this afternoon.  He gets the ball to Penrose who finishes to the net.  Tyr 1-10 Mea 0-9  

43 min – Meath points. Nigel Crawford and Graeme Reilly fires over two points from play.  Tyrone back under pressure.  Tyr 0-10 Mea 0-9

40 min – Conor Gormley links up well with Mark Donnelly and puts Tyrone three up.  Tyr 0-10 Mea 0-7

39 min – Tyrone restore the lead to two. Joe McMahon lands a 45 with little or no effort. Great strike.  Tyr 0-9 Mea 0-7 

37 min – Not the start we wanted Graeme Reilly scores a big point from 35 metres.  Tyr 0-8 Mea 0-7

Laois are doing their bit.  They’re five points up at half time.  Tyrone now need a big win here.  It could be calculator time later.

Half Time – Tyrone 0-8 Meath 0-6 – Let’s hope the other results are going our way.

36 min – Tyrone are two in point.  This time it’s Colm Cavanagh from the left hand side.  Tyrone finish the half with a two point lead. 

33 min – Tyrone back in front.  Martin Penrose once again with the left point.  This time from play.  Tyr 0-7 Mea 0-6

29 min – Sean Cavanagh swings over a huge free from 40 metres.  Tyr 0-6 Mea 0-6

27 min – O’Rourke has given Meath the lead.  He’s causing a bit of bother in there.  Tyr 0-5 Mea 0-6 

27 min – They’re level.  Cian Ward slot over his second free.  Easy one for him in front of the posts.  Tyr 0-5 Mea 0-5 

25 min – Hub wides.  Don’t think that will knock his confidence though.  He’s putting in another big, big shift in the middle of the field.

22 min – Meath point again.  Cian Ward reduces Tyrone’s lead to a point with a free.  Tyr 0-5 Mea 0-4

20 min – Joe Sherridan kicks over a point from play after Paddy O’Rourke knocks it down.  Tyr 0-5 Mea 0-3

20 min – Mark Donnelly slips his marker and fists it over the bar.  He’s made a really bright start to this game after an excellent performance last week.  Tyr 0-5 Mea 0-2

18 min – Shane O’Rourke pops up and add his second point.  Meath starting to look a little more dangerous.  Tyr 0-4 Mea 0-2 

16 min – Sean Cavavagh misses a wonderful goal opportunity.  He narrowly misses the top corner.

16 min – Martin Penrose fires over his second point of the afternoon this time from a free.  Tyr 0-4 Mea 0-1

14 min – Brian McGuigan slots one over with his left foot via a Mark Donnelly and Owen Mulligan build up.  Tyr 0-3 Mea 0-1

13 min – Pascal’s kicks outs are putting Tyrone into a little bit of bother.  Joe McMahon is looking good at full back.

10 min – Shane O’Rourke reduces the lead with a well taken point from play.  Tyr 0-2 Mea 0-1

9 min – Top scorer this year Martin Penrose pops it over the bar following a good piece of work from Mark Donnelly Tyr 0-2 Mea 0-0

8 min – Meath fire their second wide.  This is championship weather.  Hope it’s a championship performance.

5 min – Aidan Cassidy punches it over the bar.  The goal may have been on but Tyrone are happy to record the first score. Tyr 0-1 Mea 0-0 

4 min – First wide.  Mark Donnelly snaps at a chance and fires it wide. 

Game just started and Tyrone are lined out as selected.

Tyrone Team – Pascal McConnell, Martin Swift, Joe McMahon,Damian McCaul, Davy Harte, Conor Gormley, Ryan McMenamin, Kevin Hughes, Aidan Cassidy, Colm Cavanagh, Brian McGuigan, Sean Cavanagh, Martin Penrose, Mark Donnelly, Owen Mulligan

I warm welcome from Pairc Tailteann, in Navan.  The teams are both on the field.  We’ll keep you up to take with any changes.

Mickey Harte’s Tyrone team come into the last game of the 2011 National League knowing that anything less than a win against Meath will mean they will remain in Division 2 for next year. However even a win may not be enough for the Tyrone team as their hopes of promotion and a place in the Division Two League Final also depends on the results from the games involving Derry and Laois the two other sides who are also in with a chance of pipping Tyrone for promotion. All the key events and main action will be reported online as keeps you up to date with tomorrow’s game, a game that could prove hugely important for Tyrone later this season.


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