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Under 13 Competition Rules and Regulations

Thursday 06.09.2012
Team Talk Mag

The U-13 competition will now commence on Friday 14th September due to U-16 Finals taking place next Saturday. All Round 1 games have a 6:30pm throw in. The competition will be played using the ‘Two Touch’ rule and each half will last 25 minutes. All those taking part must be under 13 and over 10 on 1st January 2012 i.e. players should be born in 1999, 2000 or 2001.

Two Touch Rule
The ‘Two Touch’ Rule shall apply. This means players are restricted to one bounce and one toe tap or two toe taps per possession.

U-13 Team sizes
Grade 1: 15 a-side
Grade 2: 15 a-side
Grade 3: 13 a-side
Grade 4: 11 a-side

Grade 3 & 4 teams may play 13 or 15 a-side if both clubs are in agreement and both have sufficient numbers to do so. Portable goals should be used in 11 a-side Grade 4 games to reduce the pitch size. 20 Mtr line to opposite 20 mtr line

Time duration
All U-13 games shall be 2 halves of 25 minutes.

The CCC shall appoint neutral referees to U-13 games. Team sheets must be provided i.e. before all games the referee shall be given a list of players in duplicate and in Irish giving full Christian names.

Age Grade
To be eligible for U-13 players must be under 13 year and over 10 on 1st January 2012 i.e. players should be born in 1999, 2000 or 2001.

Player Registration
All players taking part in U-13 FL must be registered. This should have been completed before 31st March 2012.

Competition Regulations
1 There will be a no postponement policy in place for the U-13 competition.
2 Teams in the same section play each other once. First named team in each fixture at home.
3 The top two teams in each section qualify for the League semi finals. The top team in the section will have home advantage against the second placed team in the other section in the semi final.
4 If teams finish level on points at the end of the group phase the winner of the group game between the teams shall be regarded as the higher placed team. If this fails to decide the rankings then a play-off(s) will take place to decide the outcome.
5 Finals will be played at neutral venues.

CCC Coordinator’s
Shane Dorrity and Stephen McCullagh will be coordinating U-13 FL fixtures on behalf of the CCC.
Shane’s contact details are: Telephone: 07801736370 E-mail:
Stephen’s contact details are: Telephone: 07876295987 E-mail:


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