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Coalisland Back on Top of Division 1

Wednesday 06.06.2012
Team Talk Mag

Final whistle in Carrickmore and Coalisland are back on top of Division 1 after a three point win over Carrickmore.  Very impressive performance by the Fianna.  Final Score Carrickmore 0-10 Coalisland 0-13 as a late point from Caolan Daly reduces the gap but fails to alter the result.

Richard Thornton increases the lead to three for Coalisland.  It looks like they are going to take the points tonight.

Carrickmore reduce the lead to two with 8 minutes to go.  Carrickmore 0-9 Coalisland 0-11

Another two points for the Fianna.  Tiernan O’Hagan and Philip Toner add the points.  Carrickmore 0-7 Coalisland 0-11

Coalisland are back into their stride again in the second half and they open the scoring through Toner.   Carrickmore 0-7 Coalisland 0-9

Gerard Toner levels the score as the half time whistle blows. Carrickmore 0-6 Coalisland 0-6

Six in a row for Carrickmore.  McCallan once again.  Carrickmore 0-6 Coalisland 0-5

Twenty minutes gone and they’re level in Carrickmore.  Slane with two more points.

Michael McCallan and Rory Loughran add two more points for Carrickmore as they come more into the game.

Toner on the scoreboard once again as Carrickmore get one back in a quick reply. Carrickmore 0-1 Coalisland 0-5

Coalisland get off to a great start. Two Gerard Toner frees help them into a two point lead. Carrickmore 0-0 Coalisland 0-4



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