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Derrytresk Enter Croke Park Dreamland

Sunday 22.01.2012
Team Talk Mag

They’ve done it. Derrytresk have gone all the way to an All Ireland Junior Club Final. A wonderful six point victory over Kerry side Dromid Pearses this afternoon in O’Moore Park Portlaois has capped off a remarkable few months for them.  Up next a visit to Croke Park for the most historic day in their history.  Final Score 1-10 Dromid 0-7

Niall Gavin make a brilliant run in from the right hand side and slots a point.  What a display from Derrytresk.  Derrytresk 1-10 Dromid 0-7

Niall Gavin from play.  Derrytresk 1-9 Dromid 0-7.  Only three minutes to go.

What a brilliant piece of play from Mickey Rea.  He gathered a wonderful ball turned and from 20 metres almost found the roof of the net.  Point will do at this stage.  Derrytresk 1-8 Dromid 0-7

Dromid defender Sheehan licks a point from  play to reduce the lead to four.

Niall Gavin kicks another free for Derrytresk to ease them three ahead.  Derrytresk 1-7 Dromid 0-7

Declan O’Sullivan and  Niall O’Shea slot points for Dromid Pearses.  Decent enough response from the Kerry team.  Let’s hope the Derrytresk men strike next.

GOAL Joe McKee has rammed a goal to the Dromid net. Massive, massive score. Derrytresk 1-6 Dromid 0-4

Mickey Rea kicks a free to extend the advantage to two points. Derrytresk 0-6 Dromid 0-4

Dromid down to 14 men. Great chance for Derrytresk now if they keep their heads.

Joe McKee has just given Derrytresk the lead with a right footed point from play. Derrytresk 0-5 Dromid 0-4

Second half up and running. Niall Gavin looking very dangerous early on. Big half for Derrytresk. He has just popped over the equaliser.

Half time – Derrytresk 0-3 Dromid 0-4. It’s been a very difficult half for Derrytresk but they are well in the game now. Missed chances from Dromid have kept the men from ‘the Hill’ well in the game.

Captain Cathal O’Neill opened the scoring for Derrytresk and Niall Gavin added the second score midway through the half.

Apologies we only up and running now. Lack of braodband here in Portlaois. Derrytresk struggling to come to terms with a phyiscally very big Dromid Pearses team. Almost thirty minutes gone and the scoreline is Derrytresk 0-3 Dromid 0-4. Mickey Rea with the last score for Derrytresk.

Tyrone and Ulster Junior Football Champions Derrytresk make the long trip to Portlaois on Sunday afternoon in an attempt to qualify for an All Ireland Junior Football Club Championship Final. has been with them every step of the way and we’ll be bringing you LIVE updates from the ground on this page from 1.45pm.



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