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GAA For All:Ulster GAA Disability Programme.

Thursday 20.01.2011
Team Talk Mag

GAA for ALL is an important part of the Ulster Council GAA’s coach and volunteer development programme . This interactive workshop is aimed at club coaches and parents who have an interest in delivering adapted Gaelic games and activities to children and young adults with disabilities and special needs

In most GAA clubs there will be families who have children with a special need or disability and would love to avail of the opportunity to include their children in Gaelic games activities. There is absolutely no reason why our training sessions, winter programmes, summer camps and games cannot be totally inclusive regardless of ability.

To try and address this Ulster GAA has planned a number of workshops for coaches and parents in each county over the next few months

The workshop involves a short theory session where the audience are asked to consider how we can introduce Gaelic games into our clubs and the various barriers that may have to be overcome. This is then followed by the main part of the workshop where the audience take part in various practical games and activities using a wide range of specially adapted equipment. In this practical part of the course the participants are challenged to adapt various games to include people with various learning difficulties and disabilities (wheelchair users, visually impaired etc…).

The Tyrone workshop is in Eglish on Wednesday 2nd Feb. starting at 7.30pm

For further information contact:

Paul Callaghan

Phone-   00353868066166



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