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Go Games Schedule For Rounds 8,9 And 10.

Tuesday 02.08.2011
Team Talk Mag

Please find below the U12 Go-Games schedule for

Round 8 Monday 8th August at 7pm and

Round 9 Thursday 11th August  at 7pm and

Round 10 Monday 15th August at 7pm

This concludes the U12 Go-Games.

Please Note: U.12 Go -games are all played as small sided games of no more than 10 aside. Teams with larger numbers can field second & even third teams if they wish. The Host Club is asked to supply the referee who should be conversant with the go-games rules and ethos.

NB! No Goals, only points, two touch football and team mentors must wear the Give Respect Get Respect Bibs (The summary of go-games rules can be found below)

If you have any queries please contact coordinator Des O’Doherty or Mob: 07845467572.



Tyrone U12 Fixtures Round 8 Monday 8st August@ 7pm

Droim Ratha an tSáirsealaigh v Strabane Sigersons

Carrickmore St Colmcille’s v An Droim Mór Naoimh Damhnait

Omagh St Enda’s v Killyclogher St Mary’s

Moortown St Malachy’s v Coalisland Fianna

Galbally Pearses v Cookstown Fr Rocks

Errigal Ciaran v Moy Tír na nÓg

Pomeroy Plunketts v Clonoe O`Rahilly’s

Dungannon Thomas Clarkes v Naomh Mhuire

Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa v An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig

Beragh Red Knights v Loughmacrory St Teresa’s

Kildress Wolfe Tones v Greencastle St Patrick’s

Killeeshil St Mary’s v Trí Leac C. Naoimh Mhic Artáin

Domhnach Mór Naoimh Pádraig v Brockagh Emmetts

Rock St Patrick’s v Brackaville Owen Roes

Derrylaughan Kevin Barry’s GAC v Stewartstown Harps

Glenelly St Joseph’s v Fintona Na Piarsaigh

Newtownstewart St Eugene’s v Gortin St Patrick’s

Tattyreagh St Patrick’s v Castlederg St Eugene’s

Cappagh  v Augher St Macartan’s

Clogher Eire Óg v Eskra Emmetts

Derrytresk Fir aChnoic v Aghaloo O`Neill’s

Omagh St Enda’s v Drumquin Wolfe Tones

Owen Roe O`Neill’s v Clann na Gael

Urney St Colmcille’s v Aghyaran St Davogs

Tyrone U12 Fixtures Round 9 Thursday 11th August@ 7pm

Carrickmore St Colmcille’s v Strabane Sigersons

Killyclogher St Mary’s v An Droim Mór Naoimh Damhnait

Omagh St Enda’s v Droim Ratha an tSáirsealaigh

Errigal Ciaran v Moortown St Malachy’s

Moy Tír na nÓg v Cookstown Fr Rocks

Galbally Pearses v Coalisland Fianna

Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa v Dungannon Thomas Clarkes

An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig v Clonoe O`Rahilly’s

Pomeroy Plunketts v Naomh Mhuire

Beragh Red Knights v Killeeshil St Mary’s

Loughmacrory St Teresa’s v Greencastle St Patrick’s

Kildress Wolfe Tones v Trí Leac C. Naoimh Mhic Artáin

Derrylaughan Kevin Barry’s GAC v Rock St Patrick’s

Stewartstown Harps v Brockagh Emmetts

Domhnach Mór Naoimh Pádraig v Brackaville Owen Roes

Glenelly St Joseph’s v Tattyreagh St Patrick’s

Fintona Na Piarsaigh v Gortin St Patrick’s

Newtownstewart St Eugene’s v Castlederg St Eugene’s

Eskra Emmetts v Cappagh

Augher St Macartan’s v Derrytresk Fir aChnoic

Aghaloo O`Neill’s v Clogher Eire Óg

Clann na Gael v Omagh St Enda’s

Drumquin Wolfe Tones v Urney St Colmcille’s

Aghyaran St Davogs v Owen Roe O`Neill’s

Tyrone U12 Fixtures Round 10 Monday 15th August@ 7pm

Droim Ratha an tSáirsealaigh v Carrickmore St Colmcille’s

Strabane Sigersons v Killyclogher St Mary’s

An Droim Mór Naoimh Damhnait v Omagh St Enda’s

Moortown St Malachy’s v Galbally Pearses

Coalisland Fianna v Moy Tír na nÓg

Cookstown Fr Rocks v Errigal Ciaran

Dungannon Thomas Clarkes v Pomeroy Plunketts

Naomh Mhuire v An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig

Clonoe O`Rahilly’s v Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa

Killeeshil St Mary’s v Kildress Wolfe Tones

Trí Leac C. Naoimh Mhic Artáin v Loughmacrory St Teresa’s

Greencastle St Patrick’s v Beragh Red Knights

Rock St Patrick’s v Domhnach Mór Naoimh Pádraig

Brockagh Emmetts v Derrylaughan Kevin Barry’s GAC

Brackaville Owen Roes v Stewartstown Harps

Castlederg St Eugene’s v Fintona Na Piarsaigh

Tattyreagh St Patrick’s v Newtownstewart St Eugene’s

Gortin St Patrick’s v Glenelly St Joseph’s

Clogher Eire Óg v Augher St Macartan’s

Cappagh v Derrytresk Fir aChnoic

Eskra Emmetts v Aghaloo O`Neill’s

Omagh St Enda’s v Urney St Colmcille’s

Owen Roe O`Neill’s v Drumquin Wolfe Tones

Clann na Gael v Aghyaran St Davogs

Clubs are reminded of the Key Objectives of the Go Games:

Promote Full Participation:  Provide playing opportunities for all children at their respective levels of participation by ensuring everyone gets to play in the game and that nobody remains a substitute. “Playing, not winning, is the name of the game.”

Propagate the Principles of Fair Play: Promote sportsmanship by ensuring that all participants endeavour to play by the rules and give due respect to the opposition, the match officials and the game. Mentors should ensure they are wearing “Give Respect” bibs

Cater for the varying developmental needs of young players: Use modified playing rules and equipment that are appropriate to the age group and ability level of those participating

Implement the GAA’s Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport and follow the guidance from the GAA’s RESPECT initiative:

Summary of U-12 Go Games Rules

Playing Rules

  • ·Play commences with a throw-in in the middle of the field.
  • A defender may advance 13m for a kick out.
  • ·‘Two Touch’ Rule applies – players are restricted to one bounce and one toe tap or two toe taps per possession.
  • ·When a defender plays the ball over his/her own end line, the other team are awarded a free kick from the 13m line.
  • ·Opposing players to be at least 5m from the player taking a free kick, sideline kick, 13m kick or kick out. Free kicks should be no closer than 13m from the opposing end line.
  • If a player is fouled that player takes the free kick.
  • ·For a sideline ball the player closest when it goes out takes the sideline ball


  • ·Portable Goal posts (15’ x 7’ or 4.5m x 2.2m).
  • ·Cones.
  • ·Smart Touch (Size 4) footballs – one placed behind either goal and one in play.
  • ·GIVE RESPECT GET RESPECTS bibs to be worn by ALL mentors

Scoring System

Points only – 1 point when the ball is played over the crossbar.

Time Duration

  • ·2 halves.
  • 20 minutes per half.

Playing the Game

  • Team size preferably 8 v 8 or 9 v 9 (maximum 10 v 10).
  • Playing Area 90m x 40-50m (3 Playing Areas fit on 1 standard pitch).
  • Clubs should play across main field thus ensuring 3 games at once and still using recommended playing area.
  • If 9 a-side: 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 attackers. (NO GOALKEEPERS)
  • A, B (& C) teams – no substitutes.  All players to be playing for the full duration of game.


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