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Clonoe Manage to Overcome Errigal Fightback to Set Up League Final with Coalisland

Sunday 25.11.2012
Team Talk Mag

It’s all over in Clonoe and Errigal have just come up slightly short in an enthralling game of football.  Final score Clonoe 0-11 Errigal Ciaran 1-7

62 min – Darren Canavan has a free to win it.  It was worked in short but the ball eventually ends up wide.  Clonoe hang on to win.

58 min – Conor McAliskey edges Clonoe ahead once again with a point from a free.  Clonoe 0-11 Errigal Ciaran 1-7

57 min – Paul Coney had put Clonoe ahead but Tommy Canavan has just equalised again.  What a finish to this one. Clonoe 0-10 Errigal Ciaran 1-7

53 min – Level in Clonoe.  Stefan Tierney has got a nice point for Errigal and incredibly from 0-9 to 0-1 down they are back on level terms.  Clonoe 0-9 Errigal Ciaran 1-6

46 min – Darren Canavan point.  Errigal are now back in contention following a goal from substitute Patrick McDermot.  What a comeback.  Clonoe 0-9 Errigal Ciaran 1-5

41 mins – Canavan clips over another point for Errigal and follows that up with a free from 30 metres.  Clonoe 0-9 Errigal Ciaran 0-4

Errigal Ciaran get their second point.  Tommy Canavan pops up in the right place at the right time and converts the chance.  Clonoe 0-9 Errigal Ciaran 0-2

36 mins – Clonoe in cruise control at the minute.  They have just moved a futher three points ahead thanks to three points from Conor McAliskey.  He converted a 45 in the 34th minute, a free in the 35th and he’s just added another point from play.  Clonoe 0-9 Errigal Ciaran 0-1

Half time at Clonoe in a hugely entertaining first half.  Clonoe in control on the scoreboard though and they lead 0-6 to 0-1.  Looks like we’re heading for a clash of the neighbours in this year’s league decider.

31 min – Paul Coney finishes the first half scoring with a sixth point for Clonoe.  Clonoe 0-6 Errigal Ciaran 0-1

29 min – Conor McAliskey restores the Clonoe lead to four with a point from a free.  Clonoe 0-5 Errigal Ciaran 0-1

24 min – Errigal are up and running at last.  Corner forward Darren Canavan fires over a long range free.  Clonoe 0-4 Errigal Ciaran 0-1

20 min – Competitive game it may be but Clonoe doing all the scoring at the minute.  Wing half back Sean Hughes kicks another point for Clonoe.  Clonoe could almost be out of sight had it not been for a brilliant John Devine save from Conor McAliskey a few moments ago. Clonoe 0-4 Errigal Ciaran 0-0

15 min – Niall Kilpatrick kicks another point for Clonoe and they open the gap to three.  Very good competitive game so far.  Clonoe 0-3 Errigal Ciaran 0-0

12 min – Ryan T O’Neill extends Clonoe’s lead out to two points with a nice score from play.  Lovely conditions in Clonoe for this afternoon’s game.  Clonoe 0-2 Errigal Ciaran 0-0

10 mins – We’ve just had our first score of the game after almost ten minutes of football.  Very keenly contested opening with both teams well up for the game.  Conor McAliskey has just stroked over a lovely 40 metre free from off the ground. will be LIVE in Clonoe this afternoon as championship winners Errigal Ciaran take on hosts Clonoe in the semi final of this years All County League Division 1.  Can Errigal take a step closer to the double or will Clonoe set up a clash with their nearest neighbours and fiercest rivals Coalisland?  Join us LIVE from 2.30pm to find out.


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