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Maria Canavan Takes The Murphy’s Gloves 1-15 Challenge

Thursday 25.03.2021
Team Talk Mag
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1 – Who or what first got you into the GAA?

I remember my older brother Thomas teaching me how to solo and kick on the back street at home. That is my earliest memory of starting football, don’t think it’s any coincidence that we are both left footed.

2 – Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

My uncle Pascal was and still is someone I look up to. He coached me a lot at underage level both for school and club so I learned a lot off him from a young age. He is someone who knows me as well as myself when it comes to football and I have massive respect for him. Would really love him to manage me again some stage soon.. (Hint hint Packie!) 

3 – Who has been your most difficult opponent and why?

We played Cork a couple years ago in the All Ireland quarter final, Melissa Duggan marked me. You could probably count on one hand how many times I got the ball that day.

4 – Apart from your home club, which club ground in Tyrone do you most enjoy playing on? 

Killyclogher pitch has hosted many ladies games in recent years and is always in great shape.

5 – Most memorable or inspiring words of advice you have ever heard in a changing room?

“Turn and burn” credits to my uncle Packie for that one. Or “eat them up” was a fan favourite in the Errigal changing room a few years back.

6 – Club volunteer of note?

Briege Corrigan and Sharon Quinn have been part of our ladies club as long as I can remember. The time and effort they put in behind the scenes is something to be commended, from underage right through to the senior ladies. 

7 – How is your club currently ensuring it is playing its part in the community?  

There’s been zoom sessions for both younger and older members of the club in recent months. The primary schools had zoom football sessions for the pupils and both senior teams completed resilience courses not so long ago. 

8 – Are there other sports you enjoy playing or have a keen interest in?

It was all football for me on a competitive level. Although that didn’t stop us from messing about in the garden playing whatever was going when we were younger.

9 – Which county side, if any, look capable of defeating Dublin in the championship?

Dublin men and ladies have lorded county football over the last 5/6 years. In terms of the ladies I think Galway are a strong team and aren’t far off the mark. For the men it’s very hard to see any team coming close but if anyone I’d say Kerry.

10 – How would you describe your own involvement in the club?

Did a bit of refereeing for underage blitzes a while back, was dodgey enough. At the minute as a senior player it’s important to welcome any minors or new players into the team, I like to think I’m someone who can help make that step up easier/ more comfortable with a bit of craic.

11 – What rules, if any, would you like to see implemented or changed in the modern game?

Maybe a bit more leniency in terms of contact in the ladies game. Often comes down to opinion on the day of games what referees see as too much contact.

12 – If there was a transfer market in GAA, what club player in the same division as you would you like to see playing for your club and why? 

Well seeing as she is soon to be married into the family circle and doesn’t live too far away, Niamh McGirr could be in an Errigal jersey soon enough. Seen her in one before, suits her well.

13 – Any superstitions or routines that you have or use on match days? 

No superstitions for me personally but a routine before Tyrone games the past few years has been music in the car with Niamh and Emma-Jane, leading to some questionable song selections. 

14 – Do you have a favourite training drill or one that you dread hearing the coach say is coming next?

As a forward I obviously love kicking or shooting drills. Box tackling or shuttle runs would be well down the favourites list.

15 – Last year’s club championships were very competitive, what are your predictions for the championship winners across all three divisions this year?

In terms of the ladies championship

1  “The Ruadh” – I was told to say this

2  Drumragh – They were in division one a couple years ago, would like to see them progress back up again

3  Clonoe – According to Barry Taggart big things are coming



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