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Media Only Seem Interested In Sensationalist Headlines

Tuesday 24.01.2012
Team Talk Mag

Much has been said and written already about the “incidents” that took place during the All Ireland club semi final on Sunday. Reading and listening to some of it you would think that it was a bloodbath and that only one team played a role in it. In no way is this piece an attempt to play down what happened or condone it. Far from it and anyone who is deemed to have fallen foul of the rules of the association should expect to pay the price. However it is well worth keeping a sense of perspective on the whole incident and not to let emotive knee jerk one sided reactions get in the way of the truth.

The Kerry people who have been interviewed on TV and radio expressed their anger and revulsion at what took place and rightly so. However where they have erred is that they seem to think that it was the Tyrone club who were responsible for all that happened that was unsavoury.

Let’s look at the facts. Derrytresk won the game convincingly by six points. Fact. They were far the better side the whole way through, fitter, hungrier, better organised and more committed. Opinion.

A melee involving players and officials from both sides broke out which lasted almost thirty seconds. Fact.
Dromid Pearses/Derrytresk were responsible for what happened. Opinion.

The referee consulted with his linesmen and issued two yellow cards following this incident before restarting the game. Fact.
It was virtually impossible for the officials to see what was going on from a pitch level position because of the number of people involved many of whom were trying to restore order. Opinion.

The referee issued eleven yellow cards and two reds during the course of the game. Seven yellows were issued to Dromid players as were two reds while four yellows were shown to Derrytresk players. Fact.

Judging by these statistics it would appear that Dromid Pearses were the more aggressive team. At least one very prominent Dromid Pearses player was fortunate to remain on the pitch for the whole of the game having been booked for dissent. He committed three quite serious fouls after his booking and had it been anyone else he might also have been sent off. Opinion.

The remainder of the game ie following the incident in the first half, passed off without a hitch. Granted there were free kicks awarded, cards issued and players dismissed but the game was completed in the same manner as most GAA matches around the country. Fact.
The GAA has policies and procedures in place to deal with disciplinary issues and will follow these to deal with any incidents identified either through the referee’s report or on the video. Fact.

One sided media reports and phone ins are not the way to resolve or deal with any issues arising from the game. Indeed if anything such coverage tends to lead to misinformed opinion and further problems. Opinion.

Pound for pound Dromid Pearses are a much bigger, more physical squad than Derrytresk. Fact.

Dromid Pearses failed to play as a team and lacked the cohesion and organisation you would normally associate with Kerry teams. Opinion.

They found it difficult to deal with the pace and passion shown by Derrytresk and it would appear they are poor losers. Opinion.

Some of the reports emanating from supposed reliable sources and disguised as news require closer examination and should be taken with a pinch of salt. As always there are two sides to every story and both sides should be heard before any decision or determination is made. The relevant authorities will look closely at all the evidence they have and decide what sanctions to impose. Let’s leave it to them and not the sensationalist type media who up until Sunday could not have told you who was playing in the game or which county they represent.


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